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Unveiling the Essentials of Moving Head Lights

by Newfeel Lighting on Dec 12, 2023

Table of Contents
  • Understanding the Moving Head Light
  • Deconstructing the Moving Head Lights
  • Navigating the Purchase Decision
  • 19*40W LED Waterproof Moving Zoom Wash Light
  • IP65 700W Waterproof LED Outdoor Moving head Light
Understanding the Moving Head Light
A moving head light, also known as moving head, moving light, moving stage light, or stage moving head, is a versatile stage lighting fixture employed in various settings, spanning from theaters to concerts. While it bathes stages and performers in captivating beams of light, it boasts the unique capability to zoom in or out, providing precise control over light direction. However, it comes with its set of advantages and disadvantages that should be carefully considered before selecting the ideal lights for your requirements.
Deconstructing the Moving Head Lights
1. Anatomy of a Moving Head Lights
The Base: Functions as the central point of connection, housing display and control buttons for manual operation. It also accommodates power connections, DMX signals, and occasionally RDM or Artnet connections. When inverted, brackets attached to the base facilitate secure truss mounting.
The Head:The mounted light fixture atop the base, where the magic unfolds. This section encompasses lenses, pan and tilt motors, color mixing components, and gobo projection mechanisms. Its rotation occurs along vertical (tilt) and horizontal (pan) axes, often featuring a circular rotation.
2. Categories of Moving Heads:
-Discharge Lamp Moving Heads: Power ranging from 100W to 2000W, this type remains the most prevalent with traditional fixtures.
- LED Moving Heads: A more modern version utilizing efficient and brighter LEDs, ranging from 10W to 1000W. It further subdivides into RGBW color mixing lensed stage lighting and white beam moving lights.
- Laser Moving Heads: An innovative combination of LED and laser technology in a single fixture.
3. Types Based on Function:
- Beam, Wash, Spot, Profile, or Hybrid Stage Lights: Differentiating based on their intended functions.
Navigating the Purchase Decision
Factors to Consider:
- Cost Range: Varied options exist, from budget-friendly ones suitable for beginners with auto-running and sound-activated modes to high-end fixtures offering advanced functions and effects.
- Individual Needs: The selection hinges on the unique requirements of each lighting designer and their specific applications.
- Budget Constraints:The budget plays a pivotal role in determining the most suitable moving head lights for your setup.
19*40W LED Waterproof Moving Zoom Wash Light
N1940F is our latest IP65-rated LED wash light crafted from premium-quality materials.
It stands out for its lightweight and convenient design compared to other lights with similar power.
The perfect blend of cutting-edge international electronic control technology and exceptional user-centric design sets N1940F apart.
It fully complies with CE standards and supports the international DMX512 signal control mode.
IP65 700W Waterproof LED Outdoor Moving head Light
Equipped with a powerful 800W white LED, with a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours, providing a durable and stable light source for stage lighting.
The flexible color adjustment system includes smooth CMY adjustment, linear CTO adjustment (2800K-6800K), 7 fixed color gobos + white with half-color effect, freely positionable.
It also features a bi-directional rotating rainbow effect, adding depth and dimension to the stage.
If you are new to this, please consult your lighting designer or the person who is in charge of stage equipment before making a purchase decision. You can also refer to relevant product manuals for further guidance on how to use it and maintenance guide so that you could take good care of them properly . It would be awesome if there’s someone who could share their experience with you to help you make the right choice.
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