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Newfeel stage lighting manufacturer in Guangzhou, China

by Newfeel Lighting on Nov 26, 2022

Table of Contents
  • Looking for a stage lighting manufacturer?
  • Auditorium lighting
  • Church lighting
  • New Jersey School Theater Stage Lighting
Looking for a stage lighting manufacturer?
We are The Lighting & Sound Company, a nationally located professional stage lighting company for sales, production and design. We provide lighting, audiovisual, logistics support and design concepts for high-end events, serving a wide range of industries. Our experienced team helps major brands and groups of all sizes conceive, design and execute unique visions and successful events.
In the Industrial Center of Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Newfeel technicians are preparing to design a series of professional stage lighting with small size but with powerful power and functions.
Like any stage lighting manufacturer, we provide more than just moving head lights, laser lights, Par lights, controllers and audio products. Our services also include a wide range of usage scenarios. We can help you plan the drawings for free, and customize a set of lighting systems and soft product selections tailored specifically for you. Therefore, we are able to provide "one-stop service" for most activities.
Live event audio with your stage lighting manufacturer company
Our Newfeel stage lighting manufacturer has all the products needed for large-scale events. Most importantly, our live event planning team has work experience in company events and conferences, concerts, broadcasting, large-scale sports and worship events.
Our lighting team consists of classic-trained designers and experienced lighting technicians.
Turnkey stage lighting systems, including traditional and LED stage lighting, can be used to suit any range of events.
Provide indoor and outdoor stage lighting, we like to think of ourselves as "weather friendly"Can be used for traditional and LED TV lighting for broadcast and live events. This includes LED lighting with adjustable color temperature for the TV stage.A mobile light series suitable for most riders and needs. This includes arc sources and LED beams, contours, cleaning and hybrid lamps.It also provides effect lights for stage decoration and effects. Strips, bricks, bicycles, eye masks, whatever you need, can make your activity better than others.
Event video and image zoom
Our Newfeel team is equipped with any stage lighting equipment you may need.Suitable for all standard size projectors and fast folding projection screens for company events and meetings.
Stage lighting equipment
The right stage lighting can make your drama production, concert or speech event a success. The beautiful lighting increases the audience's attention and effectively highlights the actors, performers, background and other elements.
Stage lighting equipment has four major functions:Visibility: Effective lighting helps viewers understand where to focus their attention.Motivation: Our lighting technicians install stage lighting equipment to create natural highlights and lighting, rather than dazzling spotlights that reduce visibility.Composition: When you run a local theater or host speakers and performers in the venue, flexible lighting can help you redefine the composition as needed.Mood: The lighting in a large or small space creates a mood. If you need a soft or optimistic color scheme, we can integrate it into your stage lighting equipment.
On-site production service
If you need help with lighting and sound for live events, our lighting professionals can meet your needs. We have high-tech equipment including a complete RCF line array system. Our Newfeel system ensures effective sound quality, and we also provide microphones and mixers operated by highly qualified engineers. Contact us and provide details of your event to get started immediately.
Auditorium lighting
For the auditorium lighting of schools, colleges and universities, Sound and Communications provides customized solutions. First, we determine the focal point, which is usually the stage, podium or forum. Then we design and install track lighting and spotlights so that your in-house technicians can easily control the lighting for various events. From floodlights to ambient lighting for the audience, we can help you fill your auditorium with the right lights at the right time.
Our designers also carefully considered the layout. The lighting scheme we designed can create focus in the direction without making it difficult for actors and performers to work under light.
Church lighting
The church lighting program includes lamps and layered lighting that must be used for multiple purposes. The dimming control can adjust the brightness level. Therefore, you can turn on bright lights for cleaning and meetings, or apply softer settings for services.We can customize the lighting around the pulpit, choir loft and stage area to get the best digital recording conditions.
Please call Newfeellighting at +86 13318866359 for more information about our stage lighting equipment and other lighting solutions. Fill out our online form and tell us your auditorium or church lighting needs. We also provide audio and video system design and installation services for organizations and companies of all sizes.
New Jersey School Theater Stage Lighting
Provide your students with the best possible light and let them stand out in the superb performance. The audience may notice the props, background and costumes worn by your performers. During normal work, the stage lighting is expected, so it is often overlooked. However, if it is not working properly, bad stage lighting will ruin the entire performance.
Not only set the mood of the performance or the scene, but also set the mood of the performer, this is the first priority. Old, faded, and outdated lighting are the causes of poor performance.Contact our professional staff to conduct a complete stage lighting audit of your school theater. There is no charge for consultation.
Theater lighting
Broadway-level works are becoming the standard for schools, churches, and public theaters of all forms and sizes, and your system should reflect this quality! With new technology and superb engineering skills, our team will work closely with you to design your dream theater with a reasonable budget.
We not only install Broadway-level lighting for the theater, but also install the following places:
Auditorium and Performing Arts Center Outdoor activities broadcast Stage and theater lighting recommendations Architectural lighting
The importance of stage lighting
When someone asks "How is this show?" They often express their opinions on the performance, plot and length, but they almost never say "The lighting is great!" The lighting is always expected, so much so that we often don't even comment. It, unless something goes wrong, such as the light bulb goes out or the lighting completely malfunctions. The fact is that the lighting is as important as the plot itself.
If the lights are turned off, distracted or malfunctioning, the lights in the theater may host a grand event and make it impossible to watch. Stage lighting continues to evolve, and new technologies and designs are born every day. Your theater or auditorium must not ignore the importance of stage lighting and how to use it correctly to give your theater an advantage.Today, Newfeellight lists five reasons why stage lighting is so important.
Guide the audience's attention
The audience is easily distracted by other aspects of the theater or school auditorium. The gaze starts to turn to other audiences, ushers walking around on the island, the artwork on the wall, or the high ceiling. Almost anything that looks distracting can attract the attention of the audience.
When holding an event, you want the audience to focus on the stage and its performers. How do you make sure their eyes stay on the stage instead of wandering on the beautiful painting design on the wall? Use stage lights to guide their eyes. Proper stage lighting will dim other aspects of the theater, and focus on the stage where the performance is.From the perspective of the performer, the appropriate stage lighting will illuminate them-the subject of the performance, whether it is a drama, a concert or a speech event. They will become the focus of everyone's attention and get the audience's full attention.
Create an atmosphere for the event
When the audience comes in for an event or drama, they already know what they are going to see. If the event is a Christmas carol, they will look forward to festive music, bright smiles and optimistic performers. What is often overlooked is that stage lighting really creates an atmosphere from the moment they walk into the auditorium or theater.
From the moment someone walks in, they will notice their surroundings. If the lights are dim, this may portray sad or depressed emotions. Different colors are usually related to mood. Dark colors (back, gray, red) and bright colors (white, yellow, green) set different moods. Nowadays, blue lights are used more and more in theaters, which can portray a cold atmosphere.
Before the event starts, you want your audience to adapt to the emotions you control. Stage lighting acts as a mood regulator, allowing you (the theater) to control everything. From there, the performer is responsible for maintaining the emotions you have established.
Acting as an image of the scene
You can use different lighting colors and tones to create a background image for the scene. For example, instead of using physical props and backgrounds under a clear blue sky, blue, white, and yellow shades can be used to manipulate the lighting to create a clear blue sky image.
Props often become expensive, and event directors ignore that the lights they already own and are using can themselves be used as props.
Allow students and faculty to learn skills
Not all students or faculty members want to be stage performers. Some people may want to work behind the scenes, out of sight of the audience. It is often said that if there are 10 people in a scene, there are actually 20 people. This means that an additional 10 members are outside the stage, responsible for lighting, sound, props, etc.
Having stage lighting and a lot of lighting requires manpower and allows your off-stage performers to learn their craft. Stage staff have many occupations, and most people start learning at a very young age, just like performers on stage.
Why need to upgrade to LED stage lighting
LED lighting is the future and the present. In the past, the lamps were halogen lamps, which would radiate heat, causing the temperature in the theater to rise, making the audience, staff, and performers uncomfortable.
Modern LED lighting has taken the world by storm, and the intensity of lighting can now be changed. In addition, LED lighting is an excellent choice to save energy and money. Many theaters have chosen to "go green", and LED lighting helps control costs in all aspects. Not to mention, for professional lighting companies, installation becomes easier and faster.
There is no doubt that LED lighting is indispensable in your theater.Choose a professional stage lighting manufacturer for school theaters, churches and concert halls.For 25 years, Newfeellight has been an expert leader in the design, delivery and installation of theater lighting, video and audio systems for customers across New Jersey. Our solutions are tailored for K-12 and higher education school theaters, sports fields, concert halls and corporate offices of various shapes and sizes.
Newfeellight motivates our customers by providing a comprehensive technical system.We are masters of professional projects such as audiovisual, drama, integrated control, LED&Laser lighting, etc.Our team works together from design to implementation to create an immersive and unparalleled experience space at an affordable price.Call +86 13318866359 or send an email to to request an estimate.
What is the ideal stage lighting design for your event?
When customers contact us, we often receive questions like: "What is the ideal stage lighting design for my event?" In most cases, we can learn about the type of event our customers plan to hold (whether it is Play, concert, or speech event) to start formulating the answer. However, there are many other factors that can determine which stage lighting design is right for them. A one-size-fits-all solution may be applicable to other areas of design, but it certainly does not apply to stage lighting. Fortunately, our 13 years of business experience has provided us with experience and knowledge to find solutions to any problems that customers may encounter.
Remember, when we talk about stage lighting, we must also consider house lighting and island lights. These systems work together to create a show. Having said that, focusing first on where the action will be and the stage is an ideal starting point. When we light the stage, we want to accomplish something-uniform lighting and the best possible angle. Site visits are usually required, so our team can determine the height of the ceiling of the stage, seats, balcony (if any) and the angle to the wall. All this information helps to determine the appropriate stage lighting.
Next, an important focus will be on color, intensity, effect, and the number of spotlights required. These are all determined by performance requirements. For example, the play of the Adams family will use a lot of shades (black, dark blue, purple), and the sound of music will use brighter colors (yellow, white, light blue). Many theaters choose to use stage lighting to create scenery, such as sunrise, and eliminate expensive decorations and backgrounds. If your theater plans to use stage lighting in the set, you must determine the requirements in advance.
Finally, as mentioned above, house and island lighting does play an important role in overall performance. Imagine a play where the lights in the audience are always on. You will never see the effect of stage lighting, the focus will not be in the front, and the performance will be affected. It is necessary to decide whether to completely turn off or dim the indoor lighting before the performance begins.
At newfeellight, we work directly with you-from concept to installation-to ensure that you provide the perfect solution for the stage lighting design and setup of your school, church or concert hall.
No longer limited to theaters with complex controls, the function of this technology has been extended to magnificent outdoor environments, architectural lighting applications, etc.Through technological upgrading, enjoy the ultra-high-definition cinema quality as an economical solution. Various auditorium and classroom applications include presentations, movies, and multimedia backgrounds.
Auditorium and PAC,Outdoor activities,broadcast,Architectural lighting,Outdoor lighting effects,Concert hall stage lighting.
Your audience expects the best. When they sit down to watch a performance, whether it is a play, a concert or a speech event, they all want your theater to have perfect stage lighting to make the performance a success.
Professionals from all over the world who come to your concert hall to perform have the same expectations. The lighting in the concert hall must be modern, well-maintained and used frequently to ensure you get the best results from the setup.
A team of experts with dozens of years of experience will ensure that your lighting settings are most suitable for performances. At Newfeellight, our professionals do just that. Contact our professional staff to conduct a complete stage lighting audit of your school theater. There is no charge for consultation.
Integrated control
Simple one-button control on the interconnected network of various components allows all users to enjoy the best versatility of the technical system without sacrificing usability.
Laser&LED lighting can solve many lighting challenges, but you must know the layout of the land!
The fact that stage Laser&LED lights are becoming more and more popular is hardly news-a quick glance at any rider, pull board, or plot will tell you that low-power light fixtures take up more and more space on each call table.
So why not?
They are cheaper to operate, emit less heat, have more than 16 million possible color combinations, are often more portable, and generally require less maintenance. Laser&LED is always the right choice...isn’t it?
Hmm... it depends on what you want to accomplish and whether you really know how to use them.
You see, LED stage lighting has a lot of checks in the "good" column, but they also have their own weaknesses, knowing how to use them properly will make the world different.
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