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ILDA Laser

by Newfeel Lighting on Sep 27, 2023

Table of Contents
  • The History and Significance of ILDA Laser Projection
  • Limitations of ILDA Lasers
  • The Advantages of ILDA Laser Projectors
  • Purchasing “The Best ILDA Laser System”
The History and Significance of ILDA Laser Projection
Introduction to ILDA Laser Technology
An ILDA laser lights is a specialized device designed for laser lights, and it relies on a DB-25 connection to transmit control signals. The term "ILDA port" specifically refers to the DB-25 Connector, a 25-pin analog connector typically located at the rear of the laser lights .
Functionality of ILDA Laser Light Show Projector
The operation of an ILDA laser light show projector involves transmitting an analog signal from your ILDA laser control hardware, such as the Pangolin FB3QS, into the male DB-25 port, also known as the ILDA IN port, situated at the rear of the laser unit.
The Origin of the Term "ILDA"
The name "ILDA" stands for the International Laser Light Show Projector Association. This organization has a long-standing history dedicated to establishing industry standards for laser shows. In addition to this crucial role, ILDA also actively promotes various aspects of laser artistry, enhances public awareness and safety, and engages in other related activities.
While the technical designation for the connection used in ILDAlaser light show projector is the DB-25, over time, it has become commonplace to refer to this connection simply as "ILDA." This colloquial usage remains prevalent in the industry to this day.
(Backside of a Unity RAW 1.7 ILDA Laser Projector)
Limitations of ILDA Lasers
While ILDA has maintained its status as the industry standard for laser light shows for an extended period, it does come with some inherent limitations.
The bulk, weight, and overall thickness of ILDA cables can pose challenges when it comes to installation and management.
Executing multi-projectorlaser light show projector can also be a complex endeavor. This complexity doesn't solely arise from the issues associated with ILDA cables but also due to the fact that the ILDA interface can control only one laser system independently at any given time. Consequently, to orchestrate a genuinely multi-projector show, you'll need various pieces of ILDA laser hardware.
It's worth noting that the recommended maximum length for an ILDA cable run is 150 feet. Exceeding this distance can lead to signal degradation and subsequently result in a lower-quality output resolution.
Another notable drawback of using an ILDA laser system is the challenge of sourcing replacement cables on short notice.
In the past, DB-25 connectors and cables were readily available at a wide range of retail outlets, which played a pivotal role in ILDA's decision to establish them as the industry standard. However, with the rapid technological advancements in the entertainment sector, these cables have become increasingly scarce in general retail stores, unlike 5-pin DMX or Ethernet cables. This scarcity places a significant burden on users seeking quick replacements.
The Advantages of ILDA Laser Projectors
Given these limitations, one might wonder why a significant number of ILDA laser systems continue to be available in the market today.
The reason lies in the cost-effectiveness of ILDA lasers when compared to lasers equipped with specialized laser control hardware. This cost advantage is particularly appealing to individuals seeking to acquire one or perhaps only a small number of laser systems, or to those who do not intend to integrate them into a multimedia setup.
Purchasing “The Best ILDA Laser System”
Determining the ideal ILDA laser projector isn't a one-size-fits-all scenario; it hinges on individual needs and preferences.
However, there exist some fundamental specifications applicable to all laser projectors that are worth considering, including laser output power, modulation, scan speeds, and more. These factors form the foundation for making an informed choice, but the ultimate decision will still depend on your specific requirements, which can differ significantly from one person to another.
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