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Full-color laser lights T2 series: elevating stage art to a new visual peak

by Newfeel Lighting on Mar 06, 2024

Table of Contents
  • Breakthrough Laser Technology
  • Diverse graphics library
  • Flexible control mode
  • Wide range of application scenarios
In today's pursuit of perfect stage performance and creating unique audience experience, NEWFEEL's T2 series full-color animated laser stage lighting have brought revolutionary progress to stage lighting. It not only provides powerful visual support for professional stage artists, but also adds unique brilliance to various activities.
Breakthrough Laser Technology
The T2 series is equipped with high-power RGB laser diodes from 1W to 5W and imported semiconductor solid-state laser, ensuring the high quality and stability of the laser. Through precise TTL modulation, the T2 series can project clear and bright laser patterns and beam, whether red, green or blue, with amazing saturation and brightness.
Diverse graphics library
The T2 series has 128 built-in preset graphics, including fan-shaped effects, wave effects, zoom in and out, point effects, flip effects and other diverse animation effects. This not only provides unlimited creative space for stage art, but also makes every performance a new visual exploration.
Flexible control mode
Supporting DMX512 signal control, self-propelled, voice control, master-slave and other modes, the T2 series can meet the needs of different occasions and users. Equipped with the international standard DMX512 control interface, it can also be connected to the American Pangolin laser software and mainstream controllers, providing users with great operational convenience and professionalism.
Flexible control mode
From large-scale concerts and nightclubs to private parties and weddings, the T2 series of full-color animated laser lights can provide stunning visual effects. It not only adds charm to performances, but also creates unforgettable light and shadow memories at any event.
The T2 series full-color animated stage laser lights are not only the latest achievement of NEWFEEL's technological innovation, but also a milestone that elevates stage lighting art to a new level. Choose the T2 series and let the dance of light and shadow take you into a new visual world and start a visual feast. Experience the T2 series now and feel the future trend of stage lighting.
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