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What's stage green laser?

by Newfeel Lighting on Nov 25, 2022

Table of Contents
  • What's stage green laser?
  • How stage green lasers work?
  • What is a celebration green laser?
What's stage green laser?
Green light has been popularized in recent years, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, and tremendous development has been achieved in China. Although it has been very popular abroad, the level of understanding in the domestic market is still very narrow.
All semiconductor lasers are produced by laser tube focusing. The difference between green light and red light is that green light does not emit green light directly. It can only be converted by a crystal, and then the beam is expanded and collimated to produce a well-focused green light.
High-power, high-stability infrared and green lasers have been industrialized and widely used in the market.
Green light 532nm, which is the most common
The green light module is composed of a laser crystal and a nonlinear crystal. In the laser cavity, the LD pump light with a wavelength of 808nm is used to generate 1064nm laser light through the gain effect of the laser crystal, and then through the frequency doubling of the nonlinear crystal. Can produce 532nm green laser. The green light module is similar to the integrated circuit in the electronic component, has the characteristics of modularization and integration, and can be mass-produced to cut costs.
The green light module adopts the more popular photo-glue process in the production method. Compared with the adhesive bonding: there is no optical gap on the bonding surface, the green light output power is high, the output mode is good, the light spot flicker is low, and the continuous and stable output can be achieved; Under the condition of 20OmW diode pumping, the crystal size is 0.8X0.8X2, and its output green light power is generally 5-10mW. In addition, the conversion efficiency has a lot to do with the quality of laser diodes and crystals. The most advanced technology and materials in the market , The conversion efficiency can be up to 35% or more.
The green light module is extremely convenient when making laser resonators, so it has become the core part of the laser diode pumped all-solid-state laser (DPSSL). DPSSL has the advantages of compact structure, high energy conversion efficiency, high power, good beam quality, long life, and convenient use. It is one of the main devices for producing low-power green lasers. It is used in color display, laser entertainment, laser medical treatment, and underwater communication. There are important applications in such areas.
How stage green lasers work?
Green laser show projector for nightclubs, DJ and special effects
A nightclub laser and/or laser show projector projects a stage green laser beam on the top of the dance floor to produce an amazing and incredible laser show among the crowd in a nightclub, disco or concert. Green lasers can use many power factors, and the stronger the laser display effect and the special effects of the aviation green laser beam, the better the effect.
The scanning speed of the aerial laser projector is slightly slower, and the green laser light can be seen in the air, and the green laser beam effects (such as liquid sky, lasso and "Star Wars" fan laser beam) amaze the crown.
Graphics or animation green laser projectors use a faster optical scanning rate, which can make animations, texts, logos and graphics smoother, but only after design and adjustment, the effect of aviation lasers will be slightly worse. Both aviation and graphics lasers can To make the best results. At the same time, it is best to apply one of them to aviation and graphics.
What is a celebration green laser?
DJ lasers are laser projectors, usually low power (<5mw), and can be used wherever the DJ wants to place them-these DJ lasers are very small and compact, making them ideal for mobile applications
Party green laser is a overall performance laser device used for small amusement activities, inclusive of club, disco, bars and bars or non-public amusement venues. Party Laser can produce laser beams and outcomes that can be projected on exclusive forms of surfaces, inclusive of lively pix and patterns. The laser outcomes used with inside the manufacturing of lasers for song events also can be used at the side of smoke and fog structures to complement audiovisual outcomes.
These celebration laser structures are monochromatic or complete-colour structures, normally mixed with optical device (inclusive of replicate balls, projection screens, faraway projector heads and different device) to show exclusive forms of beam outcomes.
Most nightclub laser projectors can be controlled by DMX, automatic or sound mode, or have an ILDA interface, so you can connect and run ILDA laser computer software, and add or design logos, animations, graphics or hundreds of aerial laser show effects
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