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What kind of surprises will there be in the stage lighting of "Riding the Thorns"?

by Newfeel Lighting on Mar 22, 2023

Table of Contents
  • Stage design analysis
  • Lighting Design Analysis
  • Program Lighting Design
Analysis of Stage Lighting Design for the Performance of "Riding the Thorns"
The second season of "Riding the Thorns" is produced by Mango TV and produced by Wu Mengzhi's studio. It uses the language of lighting to interpret the "blood" and "brotherhood" of the whole picture.
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After the initial stage appearances one by one, the group show with four people as a tribe finally came again. Every performance is amazing. These performances are inseparable from the staff behind the scenes and the brothers who practice hard day and night. Once the show was broadcast, there were constant topics and hot searches on major platforms. The performance stage gained more attention and discussions on the basis of the initial evaluation of the stage. Called the industry benchmark.
Stage design analysis
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In terms of the overall stage design of the performance stage, there is a relationship of succession and upgrading with the preliminary evaluation stage. The "Factory Stage Design" has been upgraded again, which materializes the feeling of a hot-blooded factory on the original initial evaluation stage, and emphasizes the concrete "factory intention". , chimneys, industrial bridges, everything around makes the audience really feel immersive.
According to the upgrade of the stage, the two facing stages and the middle lifting interactive area are adopted, so that three performance areas are set up, the main stage, the auxiliary stage, and the suspension bridge.
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The main stage carries a series of industrial architectural units such as factories and tower cranes. The central area of the stage is composed of a 48-grid lifting platform, which provides richer spatial changes from prop setting to brother's performance, and acts as the visual of the entire performance space. center.
The lifting bridge area is an important platform for the brothers to interact and connect with the audience. Performances in this location can bring the audience closer, enhance the interaction with them, have a more live feeling, and enrich the entire performance.
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From the outside of the sub-stage, two opening and closing doors connect the inside and outside of the stage. When the door is closed, it becomes an area in the larger environment, which undertakes various links such as the host's interlude and guests' interaction. After opening, it is a traditional The mirror-frame stage adopts a large number of CNC suspender structures, which enriches the setting changes.
The lifting stage, telescopic tower, CNC track, CNC lifting bridge, CNC tower crane, and stage machinery used in this season's program are rich and diverse, and this poses a huge challenge to the production team.
Lighting Design Analysis
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The lighting design was completed by the Dameng team led by Chen Jie. They lived up to expectations, and they handed in an answer sheet full of surprises. In the overall atmosphere, the lighting and stage beauty set off each other, turning the industrial scene into an aesthetic system, and highlighting the graininess and tough temperament.
The rendering and modification of the stage structure is the first problem that needs to be solved by the lighting. In this regard, the design team used a variety of methods to try, and the external coloring used bee eyes and three-in-one lamps to express.
In addition, the design The team specially ordered a small LED lamp to simulate the work lights used in the factory at night, and mounted it inside the stage structure for rendering. It is different from other lamps, with a 360-degree light angle, which truly restores the night scene.
The smoke equipment is used together to shape the atmosphere of the entire factory and achieve a very good effect. The Dameng team and Yixing team have done a lot of running-in and experimentation in the combination of lighting and special effects in the first season of my brother.
This season is even more about combining lighting and special effects to create a unique visual style of my brother. This also makes us Pay attention to the fact that there are more different aspects of stage special effects, their unique charm is exuded wantonly on the stage, and more possibilities are created with the lighting.
The lighting design of the main stage mainly includes killer whales and rattlesnakes in the back area with multiple sets of track CNC, 8 CNC beats in the lifting platform area and 550 matrices on both sides. The rich CNC shapes provide a multi-level design for the performance.
The lighting position design of the sub-stage is different from that of the traditional theater stage in that it is all hung by numerical control, which is more flexible to make delicate designs for performances.
The suspension bridge has 4025 and LED par and the Q48 used in the background of the brother's viewing area to dye the environment. Not only that, but also a 3*3 rectangular light array composed of killer whales is designed in the auditorium, which is evenly distributed over the auditorium.
Another design point of the lighting in "Breaking the Thorns" is "seeing the light but not seeing the light", which presents the tone and texture of the stage, and hides the light body as much as possible, so that there will be a more immersive visual experience, as much as possible. Staged, votive each real scene.
Program Lighting Design
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In "New Earth", the light blue light and the appropriate wolf smoke present the scene of an approaching storm at night by the sea.
The extraordinary performance of "Private Life" uses the live stage to create a sense of the film set. From the stage to the lighting, the film texture is the main theme. During the performance, the stage creates a sense of collapse, while the lighting simulates a depressing atmosphere. In the conflict, the lighting is used to create the scene light, such as the flickering lights to create the illusion of unstable voltage in the ruins.
"Fearless", just the numerical control modeling has already made people boil, and the temperament of a hot-blooded man, complemented by flames, immediately drives the entire aura.
"Fearless", just the numerical control modeling has already made people boil, and the temperament of a hot-blooded man, complemented by flames, immediately drives the entire aura.
"Heart Like Still Water", the whole performance is exactly the opposite of the title of the song, which makes people feel excited. It is mainly based on cool colors, and the effect of X-part's red and green contrasting colors is also relatively bold, which makes people's eyes shine.
"Just Like Fire" abandoned the conventional background coloring, and used twelve film and television lights to form a semi-circular arc as the background wall, highlighting the momentum of the entire performance, and combined with flame special effects to fill the atmosphere of the entire stage.
"Little Half" uses blue and pink to render the environment to enrich its layers. According to the melody of the song and the special material of the foam, the color should not be too bright, so as to ensure the beauty and romance of the picture.
Complex character scheduling, rich program ideas and shooting requirements of various cameras also brought great challenges to lighting design.
"Horse", how to use light to represent a bloody battlefield is a difficult problem. Pure light beams cannot completely shock people. At this time, the lighting plus special effects and smoke can give enough desired effects, creating a real scene, making people feel as if they are in the world. Immersive.
In terms of character lighting, the number of various types of NC in this season's program is more complex and changeable than previous programs. We often face the problem that different shapes of NC structures will block the light of the characters. According to the character scheduling, NC design and shooting angle of the show , There are also many problems that need attention in this area.
The design team of this area adopts a flexible lighting method for characters, and uses unconventional light positions such as footlights to shape characters in areas that are difficult to cover with cutting lights, so that the illumination of characters can reach a full level.
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