What exactly is an RGB laser?

by Newfeel Lighting on Sep 06, 2023

What exactly is an RGB laser?
Table of Contents
  • Explaining RGB Laser Light Show
  • Understanding RGB Laser Modules and Diverse Sources
  • RGB diode laser technology demystified
  • Control Hardware for Laser Shows
  • Advantages of Full-Color RGB Laser Lights
  • What RGB laser light should you buy?
Explaining RGB Laser Light Show
An RGB laser lights is a laser light show system with three distinct sources: one for red, another for green, and a third for blue. These sources blend to create the RGB laser, often known as full-color or rainbow lasers.
RGB lasers are engineered to generate countless colors and color blends. Many RGB laser setups can display multiple colors simultaneously. So, how many colors can an RGB laser produce? A whopping 16,777,216 different colors, to be precise. Quite impressive, isn't it?
Understanding RGB Laser Modules and Diverse Sources
When we talk about an RGB laser, we're essentially highlighting that the laser system employs three different sources – red, green, and blue. However, there are various types of physical laser sources that can be employed to generate this laser, including technologies like DPSS, OPSL, and laser diodes.
The inside of a RGB laser module from NEWFEEL.
Various laser diodes come with different factors to consider, such as their power, visibility to the human eye, and the necessary combination of colors for a proper color balance. If laser systems are not configured and constructed correctly, they won't deliver the same visual appeal as an RGB laser equipped with high-quality diodes.
Our main message here is that laser lights can be complex, and not all of them are equal. It's advisable to conduct thorough research on a specific RGB laser lights and its brand to ensure your investment is worthwhile.
Control Hardware for Laser Shows
Different methods for controlling an RGB laser lights
Traditionally, the ILDA laser connection has been the standard method for laser show control. It utilizes a DB-25 connector that plugs into a 25-pin port on the laser's rear. The other end connects to a piece of laser control hardware, which, in turn, must be linked to your PC. Sounds a bit cumbersome, right? That's because it often is.
Innovative products like our FB4 Control Hardware are now available to enhance laser lights control beyond the ILDA standard. This allows you to utilize widely-used lighting protocols like DMX, FB4, direct PC control, and even standalone operation.
You can learn more about the different types of laser lights control here:
What RGB laser light should you buy?
A rainbow of options! RGB laser lights offer millions of colors to choose from, breaking free from the confines of single-color or shaded choices.
Advantages of Full-Color RGB Laser Lights
NEW FEEL F4500 RGB laser light show projector.
Choosing an RGB laser system involves personal preference, price, and quality, but this article hasn't covered all aspects.
For a comprehensive guide on buying a laser light show projector, check out our "Laser Projector Purchasing Guide."
Still, here are key factors to weigh when buying any RGB laser light show projector:
1. Laser source type and colors it offers.
2. Laser projector's power.
3. Control hardware it includes.
4. Laser scan speeds.
5. Construction of the laser's chassis.
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