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What exactly is an RGB laser?

by Newfeel Lighting on Jul 25, 2023

Table of Contents
  • 1.The Magic of RGB Laser Projector Displays
  • 2. Exploring RGB Laser Modules and Light Sources
  • 3. Laser Show Hardware Control
  • 4. Advantages of RGB Lasers: Vivid Color Display
  • 5. Which RGB laser projector is the right choice for you?
The Magic of RGB Laser Projector Displays
Let's delve into the concept of an RGB laser lights projector show. An RGB laser projector represents a specialized laser show system, harnessing three distinct sources for red, green, and blue colors. When combined, these sources produce the captivating RGB laser effect. Another way to refer to these lasers stage lights is as full-color or rainbow lasers.
The core purpose of RGB lazer light projector is to generate a vast array of colors and color combinations. In fact, numerous RGB laser systems possess the capability to display multiple colors simultaneously. The sheer number of colors an RGB laser can produce is truly impressive, totaling an astounding 16,777,216 variations. Quite remarkable, isn't it?
To grasp the technology behind RGB lasers, we need to comprehend RGB laser modules and their diverse sources. Essentially, when we say RGB laser stage lights, we are merely alluding to a laser system with three distinct sources (one for each color - red, green, and blue). However, manufacturers have the flexibility to employ various physical laser sources to create the RGB laser effect. Some common examples include DPSS, OPSL, and laser diodes.
Out of these sources, laser diodes are most commonly used in laser projectors. Their prevalence can be attributed to their affordability compared to other alternatives, making them the industry "standard" across the laser, lighting, and production sectors.
Exploring RGB Laser Modules and Light Sources
As we delve into RGB diode laser technology, it becomes apparent that it has indeed become the norm. Nevertheless, it's important to note that manufacturers have the freedom to adopt different approaches in producing and configuring these lasers. This means that not all companies opt for the same colors (wavelengths) and components inside their RGB lasers.
Various laser diodes come with different factors to consider, including their power, visibility to the naked eye, and the combination of colors needed to achieve a proper color balance. If these laser systems are not configured and built correctly, the results may not be as visually appealing as an RGB laser that utilizes high-quality diodes.
The main point we want to emphasize is that this topic can be intricate, and not all laser projectors are equal. Therefore, it is essential to conduct thorough research on a specific RGB lazer light projector and its brand to ensure you make a wise investment and avoid wasting your money.
Laser Show Hardware Control
Different Methods to Control an RGB Laser Projector
There are numerous ways to control an RGB laser system, and the choice of control hardware depends on your intended use for the system. Understanding the type of control hardware the laser projector is equipped with will help determine its suitability for your specific applications and events
Traditionally, the standard method of laser show dj lighting control has involved using the ILDA laser connection, which employs a DB-25 connector plugged into a 25-pin port on the back of the laser.
"The other end of the cable connects to a laser control hardware unit, which must then be plugged into your PC. This process may seem tedious, and in reality, it often is.
You have the option to buy the FB4 directly from Pangolin and easily mount it on the back of our Newfeel laser lights. Please refer to the following guide "How To Install FB4 Control Software".
In an effort to enhance the control capabilities of laser projectors beyond the traditional ILDA standard, innovative products like our FB4 Control Hardware have emerged. These products allow you to expand your control options and utilize popular lighting protocols such as DMX, ArtNET, direct PC control, and even stand-alone control.
Advantages of RGB Lasers: Vivid Color Display
Embracing full-color RGB lasers comes with significant advantages. With a multitude of colors at your disposal, RGB laser projectors offer the flexibility to choose from millions of different shades, unlike conventional single-color or limited color options."
Which RGB laser projector is the right choice for you?
If you're considering options, the Newfeel ClubNF660 & NF770 RGB laser projectors dj lighting are worth looking into.
Choosing the best RGB laser system involves various factors, including personal preferences, pricing, and quality. Yet, there's more to purchasing an RGB laser projector than what has been covered in this article.
For a comprehensive understanding of what to consider when buying a laser projector, we recommend consulting our "Laser Projector Purchasing Guide"
Nonetheless, here are some key factors that you should always take into account while evaluating any RGB laser show dj lighting projector:
1. Laser source type and color options.
2. Power capacity of the laser projector.
3. Available control hardware features.
4. Lasers' scanning speeds.
5. Construction quality of the laser chassis.
If you're uncertain about committing to a purchase, you may opt to rent an RGB laser projector beforehand. Pangolin Lasers provides a diverse range of laser lights show projectors suitable for shows of any size. Their rental options offer a great way to try before you buy.
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