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What Sources Of Uncertainty Go Into Calculating The Wavelength Of The Stage Laser Light?

by Newfeel Lighting on Nov 26, 2022

Table of Contents
  • What is the laser wavelength?
  • laser can be customized
  • laser interferometer typically refer to
  • Wave pace / frequency
What is the laser wavelength?
Laser wavelength refers to the output wavelength of the laser, which is a vital parameter of the laser output laser beam. The corresponding output frequency is referred to as the laser frequency.
Anyone who has studied electronics is aware of the wavelength of radio, or greater professionally, the wavelength of electromagnetic waves. In fact, the laser is additionally a type of electromagnetic wave, however, the wavelength of the laser is no longer in the identical order of magnitude as a radio wave, it is many orders of magnitude shorter than a radio wave. The wavelength unit of a laser is typically measured in nm (1/1000000000 meter), and a laser can be divided into two categories: seen laser and invisible laser.
Under ordinary circumstances, the wavelength of seen mild that the human eye can virtually distinguish is essentially between four hundred nanometers and seven-hundred nanometers. The shorter the wavelength of the laser, the bluer and greater violet its color is, down to ultraviolet rays invisible to the human eye. However, the longer the wavelength, the greater reddish its shade becomes all the way to infrared, which is invisible to the human eye. The human eye is most touchy to green, orange, and yellow mild with wavelengths between 550-570 nanometers. Therefore, in the seen mild range, the wavelength can be understood as a numerical identification of color.
Laser-seen beam coloration wavelengths from quick to lengthy are blue-violet (375nm, 405nm), blue (445nm, 488nm), inexperienced(520nm, 532nm), yellow (589nm, 577nm), and pink (635nm, 650nm); Lasers in this wavelength vary are regularly used in stage performances and scientific applications.
For stage overall performance lasers, the most frequently used RGB lasers are pink light: 637nm 650nm, inexperienced light: 520nm, and blue light: 445nm. NEWFEEL's lasers have been dedicated to the lookup and improvement of laser technological know-how for extra than 10 years. They no longer only produce laser lights, however additionally improve and produce mild sources that decide the impact of laser lights. Currently, NEW FEEL produces and sells 445nm blue mild sources, 637nm pink mild sources, and 520nm inexperienced mild sources. The light source, as properly as different wavelengths of purple light, blue mild and coloration mild source, clients can personalize the strength in accordance to their personal needs, and pick out the corresponding color. Features of NEW FEEL laser mild source:
laser can be customized
1. The strength and shade of the laser can be customized
2. Small divergence angle, can assignment lengthy distance besides turning into thick, proper spot quality, small spot size, targeted energy, brighter than the identical energy laser
3. High power, for clients who pursue excessive power, we can supply a single tube up to 30W blue laser, 16W inexperienced laser, and 10W purple laser
4. The modulation effectivity is high, and the modulation pace is as excessive as 100KHz, which skill that the variety of instances of switching on and off at the identical time is 10 instances greater than that of regular lasers, permitting you to venture extra complicated pictures barring decreasing the brightness or smearing.
5. More particular processing science and uncooked substances enable us to manufacture lasers with smaller measurements and greater energy. Under the identical power, our laser quantity is solely 50% of that of traditional lasers.
6. The calorific price is small. Each product has passed through correct calculation and real-looking structural design, and thru the high-speed computing processor, the working modern-day of the TEC can be modified in actual time, so that the laptop can generate decreasewarmness in an excellent working state.
7. The strength grant is smaller and does now not generate heat. Conventional laser electricity substances are amazingly hot. We use state-of-the-art digital circuits to make the complete machine infrequently generate warmth beneath high-load working conditions.
Different shades of lasers have one-of-a-kind sensitivity to the human eye, even if the laser depth is the same, the brightness felt with the aid of the human eye is different.
Lasers of one of a kind colorings have unique skills to omit thru the atmosphere, that is, the attenuation is different. Even if the laser depth is the same, the brightness felt by using the human eye is different.
laser interferometer typically refer to
The environmental elements that have an effect on the size accuracy of the laser interferometer typically refer to:
The air temperature, humidity, and atmospheric strain in the modern-day size surroundings have an effect on the wavelength of the laser mild propagating in the air.
wave pace / frequency
Frequency and wave speed. Because wavelength = wave pace / frequency
The frequency is determined with the aid of the supply of the wave, that is, when the wave occurs.The pace of a wave is decided through the medium, that is when the wave propagates.
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