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Utilizing Laser Software and Hardware in Automatic Mode

by Newfeel Lighting on Oct 04, 2023

Table of Contents
  • how to use NEWFEEL laser show software
  • how to use laser control hardware
how to use NEWFEEL laser show software
In this blog post, we will guide you on utilizing NEWFEEL's laser show software along with laser control hardware for executing laser shows effortlessly in a genuine "automatic mode," all within your setup without the need for a PC or console.
To commence, your initial step is selecting the laser show content you wish to showcase. This selection can be made from laser show software options such as NEWFEEL QuickShow or BEYOND. Within QuickShow and BEYOND laser show software, you'll find a rich repository of nearly 2,000 pre-programmed cues at your disposal. Any of these cues can be seamlessly executed in auto mode. Furthermore, you have the added advantage of accessing the NEWFEEL Cloud, akin to an "iTunes for laser shows." Inside the NEWFEEL Cloud, you'll discover the option to download hundreds of FREE laser shows and thousands of pieces of laser clipart, all of which can be effortlessly set to run in auto mode. Moreover, both QuickShow and BEYOND come equipped with a plethora of user-friendly design tools, empowering you to craft your own laser shows, cues, and content. Therefore, initiate the process by defining your desired laser show content, which can encompass pre-existing cues, complete shows, or custom-designed content. Subsequently, proceed with the following steps.
how to use laser control hardware
After you've made your choice regarding the laser show content you wish to utilize, the subsequent step involves transferring it to our innovative laser control hardware, known as FB4. The FB4 laser control hardware functions as a comprehensive media server specifically designed for laser shows. It boasts compatibility with all the major laser and lighting protocols, which encompass network, DMX, ArtNet, auto mode, and ILDA. Notably, this hardware incorporates onboard SD card storage and employs a cutting-edge protocol referred to as RTC, or real-time clock. Through this technology, you have the capability to take your desired laser show content, whether it's a cue, an entire laser show, or custom-designed content, and seamlessly upload it to the FB4 memory system.
Once your content resides within the FB4, you can proceed to configure the real-time clock on the FB4 device. This allows you to schedule the playback of your content automatically, precisely at a designated date and time. Remarkably, the FB4 operates with minimal requirements – it simply needs a power source. No external triggering mechanisms are necessary. Consequently, your shows can run independently, without the need for a PC, console, or any other connected device.
Feel free to explore the tutorials provided below. They offer step-by-step guidance on uploading content to FB4 from both QuickShow and BEYOND, facilitating effortless automatic show playback.
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