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Unleash Spectacular Outdoor Illumination: Introducing the A5 High-Power Waterproof Animation Laser Lights!

by Newfeel Lighting on May 28, 2024

Table of Contents
  • Innovative Product Lineup
  • Advanced Technology
  • Enhanced Compatibility
  • Laser-Specific Features
We are excited to introduce our latest innovation in outdoor laser lighting systems: the A5 Series IP65 high-power laser lights projectors. This cutting-edge lineup includes five models: A5-930D (30W), A5-840D (40W), A5-940D (40W), A5-950C (50W), and A5-960C (60W).
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These state-of-the-art fixtures are designed to maintain IP64 protection regardless of installation orientation, ensuring durability and reliability in various outdoor settings. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the A5 Series is tailored to meet the demands of the professional lighting market, featuring robust IP64-rated laser lights.
Advanced Technology
Internally, the A5 Series is equipped with full RGB pure diode and OPSL modules, delivering exceptional performance with a beam divergence of less than 1.3mrad and a beam diameter of 7 x 7mm. This results in a stunning white-light balance, perfect for creating captivating visual effects. With full analog modulation, these fixtures offer a vast array of color combinations, enabling seamless crossfades and transitions.
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Enhanced Compatibility
What sets the A5 Series apart is its compatibility with our exclusive Ethernet Interface ILDA Computer Laser Software. This innovative software allows for seamless integration with traditional lighting consoles, supporting common signal protocols such as ILDA, SD card, DMX, and ArtNet functionalities.
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Laser-Specific Features
Designed with lighting professionals in mind, the A5 Series offers a range of laser-specific features to enhance performance and usability. These include automatic color balancing, automatic color calibration, electric color correction, ArtNet-controlled fixtures with four raster effects, integrated WiFi for convenient control via tablet or iPad, and IP65 design for outdoor use.
Additionally, the A5 Series incorporates scanning system protection and daisy-chain emergency stop signals, ensuring reliability and ease of operation in multi-system setups.
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