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Transform Your Event with Cutting-Edge Laser Light

by Newfeel Lighting on Jul 03, 2024

Table of Contents
  • Tailored Event Specifications
  • Tesla's Grand Opening
  • Customization and Commitment
  • Multi-Day Event Support
  • Your Go-To Lighting Manufacturer
Tailored Event Specifications
In the realm of modern art installations, lighting integration, such as moving head lights and light beams, plays a pivotal role in transforming spaces and shaping experiences. Newfeel Laser Lights Company stands at the forefront of this innovation, renowned for its custom laser light installations that blend cutting-edge technology with artistic vision. Here’s a detailed look at the services provided for one-day and two-day events, each meticulously tailored to enhance visual impact and audience engagement.
Technician: One skilled technician on-site.
Equipment: One cable kit, two fog machine kits, and one FB4 controller.
Total Cost: $7,000, including all accessories and logistics.
Tesla's Grand Opening
A highlight in our portfolio is the grand opening for Tesla, where we demonstrated the full potential of our laser light installations. Our precision and dedication to quality ensured a stunning and memorable visual display, enhanced by advanced stage lighting and spot lights.
Customization and Commitment
Newfeel Laser Light Company is committed to customizing each installation to the client’s unique needs. This ensures that every laser show is as distinctive as the event it enhances. Their meticulous approach to pricing and logistics means that every aspect of the laser light setup is perfectly planned, resulting in a seamless and impactful visual experience. With a wide range of stage lighting equipment and lighting supplies, we cater to diverse needs, from concert lights to theater lights.
Multi-Day Event Support
For events spanning multiple days, Newfeel Laser Light Company provides extended support and equipment usage to ensure consistent and striking visual effects throughout the duration. Their unwavering commitment to customization and quality makes them the preferred choice in the laser light industry, ideal for anyone looking to elevate their next art installation or event. Our comprehensive lighting equipment, including LED stage lights and light bars, ensures we meet the demands of any event lighting design.
Your Go-To Lighting Manufacturer
As a leading lighting manufacturer and stage lighting equipment supplier, Newfeel Laser Light Company offers a variety of lighting fixtures and lighting supplies. Whether you need pro lighting for a studio or club lighting for a dynamic environment, we have you covered. Explore our offerings, including dj lights, dj moving head lights, and wholesale dj equipment, and see why we are considered the best light company in the industry.
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