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The impact of NEWFEEL laser lighting on the stage

by Newfeel Lighting on Oct 17, 2023

Table of Contents
  • The Impact of Laser Lighting on Scotty McCreery's "Damn Strait Tour"
  • The Power of Artistic Moments
  • The Mystery of NEWFEEL laser
  • NEWFEEL laser Units as Special Effects:
The Impact of Laser Lighting on Scotty McCreery's "Damn Strait Tour"
Drew Hornback, the touring lighting director for country music sensation Scotty McCreery, emphasizes the importance of immersing oneself in the live concert experience rather than focusing on smartphone screens. As he reflects on the recently concluded Damn Strait Tour, Hornback underscores the value of savoring the moment. This article delves into the profound effect of laser lighting on the tour, detailing how Hornback's unique design and execution amplified McCreery's performances.
The Power of Artistic Moments
Hornback reminisces on how the innovative use of NEWFEEL laser and other lighting elements created mesmerizing artistic moments during "the Damn Strait Tour". He recalls audience and crew reactions, with many wondering about the technology behind the stunning visuals. People often asked, "What is that? How did you do that?"
The Mystery of NEWFEEL laser ?
One of the high lights of Hornback's design was the incorporation of NEWFEEL laser units into the rig. What made this particularly fascinating was that the audience was unaware that these units were lazer lights. This subtle twist led to confusion when concertgoers tried to capture the laser cues in photos and videos, as they couldn't replicate the same visual experience they had with their naked eyes.
The "Take in the Moment" Philosophy:
Hornback's recommendation to "take in the moment" gains significance in light of this intriguing revelation. He encourages audiences to fully embrace the live experience, appreciating it with their senses rather than through screens. This perspective becomes even more compelling when considering Hornback's extensive involvement in designing the tour's versatile rig and expressive show.
Collaborative Visual Design:
For the Damn Strait Tour's visual elements, We seamlessly combined traditional lighting with lazer lights to complement McCreery's dynamic performances.
NEWFEEL laser Units as Special Effects:
The NF660(FB4 version) control system, proved pivotal to the tour's success. With abundant laser power and user-friendly programming features, the rig's design exceeded expectations.
Strategic Laser Placement:
Hornback and the team, including production manager Adam Duncan, experimented with positioning lazer lights high up within the upstage truss. This strategic placement, in conjunction with a tiered deck cart layout, maximized the visual impact of the lasers, creating a more extensive and striking laser display.
Effortless Programming with FB4:
The team employed a grand lighting console for the lighting setup. Even though Takahashi and Elrod had no prior experience with the NEWFEEL laser control system, it streamlined the programming process. The design effectively incorporated laser cues at pivotal moments throughout the performance, culminating in a spectacular conclusion.
The Grand Finale:
Hornback saved the most breathtaking moment for last, as McCreery performed his hit "Five More Minutes" during the encore. The backdrop, illuminated solely by lasers, was a highlight of the show. The fanned-out prism effect in deep blue and cyan created a visually stunning, almost three-dimensional stage presence.
Audience Reactions:
From his vantage point at the lighting desk, Hornback observed the audience's enthusiastic response to the lasers as the Damn Strait Tour traversed North America. Whether etched into memories or stored in smartphone galleries, the lasers undeniably enhanced the most captivating aspects of each performance, making them even more unforgettable.
Drew Hornback's emphasis on living in the moment resonates deeply when considering the impact of lazer lights on the Damn Strait Tour. This tour, characterized by innovative lighting design and mesmerizing laser effects, brought McCreery's performances to new heights and left audiences with unforgettable memories.
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