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2009~2010 Newfeel Stage Laser Light Project Case Over The Years

by Newfeel Lighting on Nov 26, 2022

Table of Contents
  • Newfeel stage laser light project case over the years
  • Laser, as a part of our cutting-edge business, we're pleased with it
  • 2009 Shanghai Mayday Concert,Concert effect of laser light!
  • Chengdu China Club in 2010,Laser light effect in the theater!
  • China Club opened gorgeously
  • The opera house has a total area
Newfeel stage laser light project case over the years
This article is particularly about a few engineering instances of our Newfeel stage laser lights over the years, as a reference for clients
We had been on this subject for many years and feature met many distinct styles of clients. As lengthy because the degree enterprise is involved, largest of them are DJs, occasion entertainers, overall performance organizers, TV or even sports activities events.
Some of them had no import enjoy at first. After running with us, they won enjoy and began out to by different degree-associated equipment, together with laser lighting. But the largest crucial part is they don't recognize a way to apprehend super lasers, and they're now no longer even acquainted with laser degree lights.
After many tries to shop for degree lasers from China, they have been now no longer glad with the first-rate and consequences of the lasers because they couldn't discover a proper supplier. They complained about this and requested for aid. Maybe we can aid them get super lasers.
Therefore, we began out wondering some years in the past and did a few studies at the lasers at the market. We consider that largest clients handiest recognize the Kvant and Laserworld brands. Their first-rate is surely proper, however the charge is likewise high, which can't be surpassed. Some human beings budget. Since then, we've began out to make lasers, that's handiest a small a part of our business.
Laser, as a part of our cutting-edge business, we're pleased with it.
You can name it dj laser, laser degree lights, laser display projector, laser display system, laser show system, expert degree lights laser, rgb laser, display laser or birthday celebration laser, irrespective of what call you use, we cause them to Part of it, we cause them to as right as possible.
Lasers are beneficial in enjoyment because they could produce slender beams and may use optical scanning to attract styles or photographs on walls, objects, or different surfaces. You also can use laser lighting in many amassing places, including dj parties, festivals, organisation performances and different large-scale events.
The following are pictures and videos of our customers using our laser lights. The video was a bit blurry because the equipment was not perfect at the time.
2009 Shanghai Mayday Concert,Concert effect of laser light!
Mayday concert in Shanghai in 2009. Mayday is a Taiwanese rock band in China. Their concert is a very famous band in China. I also like listening to their songs very much, because most of them are rock and roll music plus The dynamic lighting effects are very shocking. Although the epidemic is still going on, I believe that in the near future our planet will be restored to health. Let鈥檚 have a sensational rock music festival. Life lies in happiness, hope and hope. Music lies in the light in the heart, such as the laser with a new sense.
Chengdu China Club in 2010,Laser light effect in the theater!
The China Club is the top private club in the southwest region. It was founded in 1995 and is the first international business private club in the southwest region where high-end people gather. Seclusion In a corner of the lively city of Chengdu, the China Club enjoys its inherent tranquility and leisure. The good environment and supporting facilities accumulated over the past ten years provide members with the best banquet, entertainment and social options.
China Club opened gorgeously
In 2010, the "Yuan路Private Opera House" created by the China Club opened gorgeously, dedicating wonderful performances to the members, showing the infinite charm of art, conveying the infinite passion of life, and embodying China. The club provides members with the eternal concept of top quality service. While building the opera house, we used our Newfeel large-scale laser to make the theater more gorgeous and technological.
As China's first private opera house, "Yuan路Private Opera House" combines traditional Chinese church culture and Western elegant art, leading a new trend of art appreciation. Luxurious without losing elegance, gorgeous without losing artistic heritage, it will become the preferred platform for business and artistic exchanges.
The opera house has a total area
The opera house has a total area of 4,600 square meters, can accommodate 700 people at the same time, 29 VIP rooms and boxes, equipped with professional lighting and sound and technical force, regardless of corporate annual meetings, charity events, collection auctions, customer thank you banquets, luxury weddings, fashion shows , Brand release, we will carefully consider every detail and give an unprecedented customized experience.
Yuan路Private Opera House, with noble taste and classics.
The China Club has created a new way of life for business people in the southwest region, and is committed to building a platform for members to expand their social circles. You can not only take part in various activities and seminars held by the club, but also get to know the top pyramids in the world.
Elite figures share valuable resources, and can also enjoy the classic collections of the private museum Tailai Gallery, which is the envy of the world, and taste the top wines and rare cigars carefully collected. Through the club's online club, members can enjoy our caring service in different countries and different locations.
The extraordinary privacy of talent has made the Chinese clubs respectful, and celebrities who are pursuing low-key luxury are coming in. A gathering place for high-end people was born. More than two thousand business people have created wealth and continued happiness in happiness and elegance.
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