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The Internal Structure Of The Professional Stage Laser Light

by Newfeel Lighting on Nov 26, 2022

Table of Contents
  • Laser generally include
  • Why can the laser light be able to zoom the focus infinitely?
  • Advantages of bright
  • Utilizing the YAG fluorescence generation speed
Laser generally include
The internal accessories of the laser generally include: motherboard, control panel, galvanometer, galvanometer driver, laser light source diagram, high-definition mirror, power supply system, heat dissipation system, as shown in the following figure:
The basic principle of Newfeellighting laser adopts the basic principle of YAG laser, using krypton lamp and variable light beam, using YAG generating rod to generate beam, and passing frequency to form visible light. A computer is used to control the galvanometer to produce high-speed deflection, so as to form beautiful characters or characters. Graphics. The control software includes German Fire Phoenix software, American pangolin software and so on.
Why can the laser light be able to zoom the focus infinitely?
Ordinary light sources emit light in all directions. To let the light propagate in one direction, it is necessary to install a certain condensing device for the light source. For example, car headlights and searchlights are both car headlights and searchlights. To one shot direction. The light emitted by the light is naturally emitted in one direction, that is, the divergence is small, only about 0.01 radian, which is a little closer.
In fact, it is a piece of plastic. The fired plastic piece may be a bit like a small convex lens, but the curvature is very flat on the surface, so the focal length is far. , Can compose an image.
Advantages of bright
Laser light has the advantages of bright, high light thread, good spirit, easy to shoot, etc., and the appearance is attractive, dreamlike, dreamlike, dreamlike. Used in buildings, parks, and squares. , Theaters, etc., using the non-divergence of lasers, can attract people to celebrities as far away as a few kilometers away, because the laser launch point has also become the focus of attention.
Utilizing the YAG fluorescence generation speed
Utilizing the YAG fluorescence generation speed, using a krypton lamp and Nd:YAG to suddenly generate a beam of light, passing through the frequency, forming a visible green light. A computer is used to control the deflection of the galvanometer to form beautiful text or graphics. Controlled by the German Fire Phoenix software, the American pangolin software and so on. The principle of laser light used in the above performing arts occasions is that the light is reflected to the motor or high-speed galvanometer through the optical lens, and then the stepping motor/galvanometer generates the left and right graphics through the high-speed vibration X-axis/Y, with the help of the light delay induction of the human eye and other Internal TTL adjustment to create complex graphics/text/animation/fans/points. The green mouse, you have to look at its power. There is no farthest. Just as we can see space n light years away, even if they are far away, their light can hit the earth. Semiconductor laser.
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