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NewFeel Stage White Laser Flashlight

by Newfeel Lighting on Nov 25, 2022

Table of Contents
  • White lasers light
  • What is the concept of laser wavelength?
  • How is the laser power defined?
  • What is the relationship between laser brightness and laser power and wavelength?
White lasers light
White lasers flashlight are more luminous and energy-efficient than LEDs. White lasers light are expected to become the main equipment for stage lighting.
"The concept of a white laser flashlight at first seems counter-intuitive, because the light from a typical laser has only one color, a specific wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum, and not a range of different wavelengths. White light is usually viewed as a complete mixture of all light. "The wavelength of the visible spectrum. "Ning said. During the years of research, he also spent a long time at Tsinghua University in China.
In a typical LED-based lighting, a blue LED is coated with a phosphor material, which converts part of the blue light into green, yellow, and red light. This mixture of colored light will be perceived by humans as white light, so it can be used for general lighting.
Sandia National Labs produced high-quality white light in 2011 with four independent large lasers. The researchers showed that the white light produced by diode lasers is as comfortable to the human eye as the white light produced by LEDs, which inspired others to promote the development of this technology.
Laser and ordinary light are essentially the same, both are electromagnetic waves, and the propagation speed is 300,000 per second per second. But the generation of laser light and its luminous behavior are different from ordinary light. Laser is the light emitted when atoms at high energy levels are excited by external photons and transition to low energy levels, which is called induced radiation. The advantages of directive, high brightness, and high monochromatic are used in many fields.
What is the concept of laser wavelength?
Answer: Anyone who has studied electronics knows the wavelength of radio, or a more professional one is the wavelength of electromagnetic waves. In fact, laser is also an electromagnetic wave, but the wavelength of laser is not in the same order of size as radio waves, it is many orders of size shorter than radio waves. The wavelength unit of the laser is usually measured in nm (1/1000000000 meters), and the laser can be divided into two categories: visible laser and invisible laser.
In the visible laser used for performances, lasers of many colors can be separated according to the different wavelengths. The wavelength of visible laser that can be clearly distinguished by the human eye is basically between 400nm and 700nm. The shorter the wavelength of the laser, the more bluish-violet its color will be invisible to the human eye until the ultraviolet; and the longer the wavelength, the more its color will be red, until the infrared, which is invisible to the human eye. , Orange, and yellow light are the most sensitive. Therefore, in the visible light range, wavelength can be understood as a digital identification of color.
How is the laser power defined?
Answer: Like electricity, the light emitted by a laser is also an energy source, but it seems in the form of light. Therefore, the output power of a laser is the same as the output power of a generator in a power plant. It is a physical dimension measuring the output energy per unit time. The unit of measurement used is the same as electric power, which is also W (watts) or milliliters (mW).
In order to understand the concept of "laser power", you can imagine this: If there is a laser-to-electric energy converter with a conversion efficiency of 100%, then comments 1 watt of electric power to this converter, and it can produce 1W laser. In fact, the DPSS laser commonly used in laser shows is a typical elector-optical converter, but its conversion efficiency is less than 100%, which is only a few to tens of percent.
What is the relationship between laser brightness and laser power and wavelength?
Answer: Laser brightness is the comprehensive subjective perception or description of laser wavelength and laser power by human eyes. There is a wavelength meter to measure the laser wavelength, and a power meter to measure the laser power. There are fair standards for measuring these two physical quantities, and they are calibrated general instruments. The measurement of laser brightness can only be seen with your own eyes, because it is bright or not, and the brightness can only be concluded after seeing it with your own eyes. That is to say, your eyes are a test instrument for the amount of "laser brightness". Everyone’s eyes are slightly different. If your eyes are color-blind to red light with a wavelength of 635nm, even if others look at the dazzling red laser with a wavelength of 635nm, you will still feel very dark after seeing it, or even look at it at all. Does not come out.
Human eyes have different visual sensitivity to lasers of different wavelengths, so when talking about "laser brightness", the reason of laser wavelength must be considered, and the laser power cannot be used to judge whether this laser light is brighter or darker than that laser light.
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