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The Newfeel Moving head Light series

by Newfeel Lighting on Nov 26, 2022

Table of Contents
  • Professional stage lighting manufacturer
  • What are the advantages of 230W beam lights?
  • The difference between beam light and spot light
  • Better heat dissipation
Professional stage lighting manufacturer
The Newfeel Moving head Light series is a series of affordable dynamic lighting and effect lamps designed to set the scene and enhance your guest experience. No matter where you are—nightclubs, cruise ships, chapels, performing arts spaces, or other venues—the correct lighting can have a huge impact on guest behavior and ultimately your business. In addition to providing an atmosphere that helps guests spend a good time, the NF series also provides the color palette needed to define the visual identity of the venue and differentiate itself from the competition.
Professional stage lighting manufacturer.13 years of experience in LED stage lighting manufacturing.Provide a 2-year high-quality warranty.OEM/ODM Service-Delivery in China within 7 days.Obtained global quality standards certified by CE, ROHS and FDA.Overseas customers in 60 countries around the world.
What are the advantages of 230W beam lights?
There is a saying that the 230W beam light is an enhanced version of the 200W beam light. So, what are the advantages of beam lights compared to beam 200 and 230W? Let's find out.
The difference between beam light and spot light?
With the improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the development of entertainment industry and culture on large-scale opera houses and stages. Reviewing the supply and procurement of stage lighting in the domestic market, moving head lights and beam lights are in the forefront. On today's stage, if there are no moving head lights or beam lights, just like no fashion art, then what are the characteristics of these two lights? What is the difference between them?
1. The difference between beams.The beam angle of the beam lamp is smaller than that of the spotlight, and the spotlight of the spotlight is larger than that of the beam lamp.
2. Different light sources, different applications.Beam lamps use metal halides, and mobile lamps use discharge bulbs. Due to the small beam angle of the metal halide lamp, the light use efficiency is higher, so even if the power is not very high, a very bright beam can be obtained.
3. Due to the difference in light efficiency, there is a huge difference in the actual usable distance.The recommended distance to use the beam light is 12 meters away, and a moving light range of 5 meters is fine. In ERA's studio, during brachytherapy, the dizziness of the beam lamp is really felt, which is easy to form, and the light is too bright.Because 200W beam light uses 189W 5R PHILIPS Lamp, and 230W uses OSRAM 230W 7R Lamp. Tell your conscience that it is deceptive if there is a big difference in brightness. However, 230W is definitely brighter than 200W.
Better heat dissipation
Generally in a 200W beam light, there is a small blower and an ordinary fan. But in the 230W beam, there is a small blower and two ordinary fans. Therefore, the 230W beam has a better heat dissipation system.
Stronger beam effect:In the spot effect, the beam 200W 5R always has the highest brightness, and the contrast with the edge is large. But the beam 230W 7R lamp does not have much contrast, and the center highlight almost covers the entire spot.Based on the above advantages, it is not difficult to understand why you say that the 230W beam light is an enhanced version of the 200W beam light. For more information about beam lighting, please visit our website:
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