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Laser show - what does it mean exactly?

by Newfeel Lighting on Jan 03, 2023

Table of Contents
  • The term consists of the two words "laser" and "show"
  • Laser show - is but of course much more than a laser light show.
  • Meaning and possibilities of laser shows.
  • Therefore we want to enumerate only the most common
  • Laser show - what types are there?
  • Beam shows immerse the viewer literally into the light spectacle.
The term consists of the two words "laser" and "show"
"L A S E R" is an abbreviation of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This term from the physics simply means what it says. The term "S H O W" comes from the English language and means "presentation, performance".
Consequently, a laser show is an artificial performance of light, for the purpose of entertainment. Duration (length) of the laser show is depending on the theme of the spectacle and thus always different.
Laser show - is but of course much more than a laser light show.
A professional staging stirs feelings, lets one marvel, creates goose bumps, takes one into another world. Formerly, mainly as special eye-catcher in discotheques, on festivals as well as concerts - nowadays a laser spectacle is booked as a highlight for any kind of occasion or used supportively as an important element at multimedia shows e.g. in hotels likely combined with LED, lasers, video, artists, fireworks, light and more. It is already long an important part to lead people in desired moods.
Meaning and possibilities of laser shows.
Lasers are useful if you need to attract attention, positive emotions or if you want to create lasting impressions. When a laser show is professionally planned and programmed as well as adjusted to local conditions, brought in line to the wishes of the customer, then full attention is guaranteed. It can take place almost anywhere.
Because of latest technologies, the projectors steadily become smaller, more handy and increasing power. It can be used temporarily or permanently. It is multiple, flexibly and effectively (that hardly provides any other medium), thus the list of performance and possibilities is incredibly long.
Therefore we want to enumerate only the most common:
Automotive, bowling center, casinos, entertainment centers and nightclub centers, theme parks, water parks, theme baths, opening ceremonies, TV telecast and broadcasts, movies, video clips, corporate events, hotels, cinemas, castles, concerts, rock concerts, tours, measuring, multimedia shows, musical, Opera, Congress Center, outdoor staging, open airs, product presentations, product launches, government projects, new year's Eve, indoor staging, festivals, gala evenings, rock, pop, dance, electronic festivals, ski resorts, SkyLaserBeam, mountain laser projections, sporting events, advertising, photo shoots, and much more.
Laser show - what types are there?
There is a distinction between graphic show (projection) and beam show.
The type graphic show is a pictorial sequence of different graphics (images or animations).
There is the classic 2D projection that displays images in outline or as bitmap grid (raster image). Demanding 3D graphics, preferably for an industry presentation (automotive, aircraft construction, tools,...) are possible. No matter what kind of graphic is used, by a high-performance graphic scanner all can appear like a full movie at intense action storyboard.
Laser power as well as the distance to the viewers, both crucial for the decision on which projection screen should be projected.
Projection screens can be: the classic PVC screen for front projection or rear projection, water screen, hydro shield, gauze or even a house wall, rock or mountain.
Beam shows immerse the viewer literally into the light spectacle.
The beams will be sent through space, using artificially generated fog or haze to make them more visible.
Beams can be presented as tunnels, circles, rectangles, lines and other sophisticated, elaborate figures and generate thus colorful (multicolor, RGB) or monochrome (single color) animations and images.
Graphic and beam presentations can take place indoor or outdoor, for any kind and any size of spectacle or permanent installation.
Laser shows can be realized in RGB (multicolor) and single color. When using RGB, it is good to pay attention to the white balance.
Because if the white balance is perfect, the viewers will be taken into a professional light performance, consisting of many nice colorful beams and animations.
RGB means red, green, blue.
But to have an amazing white, the white balance must be done by choosing the correct intensity and wavelengths of the lasers.
As professional and finer it is adjusted, as nicer is the white and thus all colors of the RGB spectrum remain more beautiful.
What never to do during a laser show
Never stay too close to your laser output. And ensure, that nobody else is too close or can have direct contact to the main beam in too short distance.
Always make sure to use the best suitable laser power depending to the size of the location – that means, that you should strictly avoid to use too high power while audience scanning.
Also pay attention during built up the complete technical equipment. Because while adjusting the laser output, you may hit somebody with a single beam – therefore only use very less power while adjusting the setup.
Further pay attention that no unauthorized person can open your system while it is on as there can be visible and / or invisible laser radiation.
Avoid eye or skin exposure to direct or scattered radiation – see therefore DIN EN 60825-1.
Advantages of a laser show
Well, if you present a laser light show to your audience, it can be inserted into the stage scene inconspicuous but nevertheless attract attention most impressive.
It can be shown as stand-alone highlight via demanding animations and graphics especially created for the theme of the arrangement, or as a part of the complete entertaining program in single colour (red, green, blue) or multicolor (white and thus the complete visible color spectrum of about 16.7 mio. colors). It is such multiple and flexible as nearly no other showbiz element, that it can be shown as often as required, but never looks the same.
A professionally realized laser show is an optical delight that can accompany the entire event, or just special parts in the storyboard. It can be presented as a classic show or part of a breathtaking multimedia spectacle. Last but not least, lasers can simply be more.
Laser show - 10 best tips for professional events
1.A detailed, good planning (human and technology) in advance is "half the battle"
2.How’s about local conditions and particularities?
3.Careful selection of the best suitable staging technology and equipment.
4.Which shows will be performed, is there anything to be programmed before?
5.Is the laser area ensured as a protected zone? (NO access for unauthorized!).
6.Is an official laser safety officer on-site? From the own team or one from the organizer?
7.Don’t forget the safety standards authority (TUEV), if necessary for your country!
8.Inform the appropriate authorities in time.
9.All technical safety devices (emergency-off button and scanner safety, ...) should be checked for proper function before starting the laser performance for rehearsal and official presentation for audience.
10.Who is responsible for the smooth and safe dismantling?
Of course, more points can be added. But this list should only be a summary of the most important points, which should be to consider at a laser show. If you are not sure, book us. Then we manage all these points and more for you!
Technical conditions of laser shows
The success of a professional performance is close connected by the technical reliability, the proper operation of the system.
But that is not enough. Depending on the event, different show laser systems and equipment can be used. Power and specifications, which provide information of the quality of the components, are elemental. To meet the right technical requirements, following is important:
- Laser module (power, color spectrum)- Graphic Scanner (20 kpps, 30 kpps, 40 kpps, 60 kpps each @ 8° ILDA
- as higher the number @ 8° ILDA as better the projection and animation)
- Single Scanning, Double Scanning
- Number of projectors (how much current is required?)
- Laser show software (to create and present)
- Smoke machines
- Wind machines
Of course more technical requirements are depending on the conditions of the staging. Sufficient power supply and own electrical protection are crucial.
Add further entertainment elements to the laser show?
Yes, of course, you can combine any kind of entertainment elements like fireworks, video, water fountains, LED walls, water screens, artists.... there is no limit in put all these breathtaking acts together as long as all safety regulations are met and as long it take place in darkened rooms (indoor) or at the evening at openairs. Moreover it is absolut popular to combine various ShowBiz options. It makes the staging more vivid.
Safety and regulations-Mostly lasers of the classes 3B and 4 are used for a show. That might be very dangerous for the eyes and skin. Therefore certain legal conditions must be required to avoid accidents:
- Notify the competent authority of the operation of the projector
- approval by the safety standards authority
- Projectors must be installed securely. That means, that no unauthorized person can go inside the zone, also called laser area or safety-zones, resulting from the Maximum Allowed Radiation (MAR). The values are in currently valid tables.
- an official laser safety officer must be on-site.
Legal conditions, such as rights and obligations of a laser safety officer can be learned during a course, which gives you besides extensive insight in accident prevention also additional knowledge of the regulation "L A S E R Radiation".
Laser show - have a look at the future
Modern and trendy like never before - the demands of customers increase, the classic laser spectacular as a stand-alone highlight is nowadays rarely required. Rather, it is more and more part of multimedia events. It is combined with water fountains, fireworks, cinema and video technology, in complete storyboards and breathtaking backdrops it is an important part.
NewFeel Laser is known for impressive and lasting laser shows, produced through reliable high end systems. Market presence, continuous developments, innovations and fresh ideas complete our “Made in Germany” portfolio and make each single laser show a special entertaining anywhere in the world, that is NewFeel power.
Our vivid passion for every single event and NewFeel quality at fair prices, as well as a growing network of strong partners, strengthen our market share worldwide.
To meet the future requirements, NewFeel Laser and its reliable team will continue carefully on their path.
You can find more conceptual information in our dictionary, the dictionary of technical terms, listed and explained sector-specific.
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