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Laser Light Shows | Affordable DJ Lasers for Nightclubs | Best Deals

by Newfeel Lighting on Aug 07, 2023

Table of Contents
  • 1. TTL Lasers: Simple Elegance
  • 2. DMX Lasers: The Dynamic Showstoppers
  • 3. Analog Lasers: Striking Visual Effects
Laser lights have become a powerful lighting effect that never fails to amaze party-goers, disco enthusiasts, and guests at special events. The magical allure of laser lights has made them a go-to choice for bands, bars, clubs, DJs, and stage shows, creating custom objects and patterns that cover vast areas. Since their introduction in the 70s, laser lights have evolved into the mesmerizing display units we know today.
The Versatility of Laser Lights:
One of the key advantages of laser lights lies in their ability to produce a focused narrow beam, unmatched by any other lighting source. This unique attribute enables the use of optical scanning to project images or patterns onto floors, walls, ceilings, or even mid-air when combined with smoke or fog effects.
1. TTL Lasers: Simple Elegance
TTL (Transistor Transistor Logic) lasers are a no-nonsense addition to any lighting setup. They offer a constant beam of light, fixed and unalterable for optimum results. These lasers are perfect for fixtures that remain unchanged throughout the day or night. While easy to use, TTL lasers can be connected to sound-to-light systems and timers. Available in various colors, they emit intense, clear beams of high quality, ideal for projecting graphics in fixed installations or multimedia projects without distortion over time.
2. DMX Lasers: The Dynamic Showstoppers
DMX lasers are the staple of any light show or events project, providing an array of color and brightness options. Powerful and portable, they fit into both hobbyist and professional kits, breathing life into parties. Users can customize individual beams to dim, pulse, or flicker at different rates. Compatible with music and various timers, DMX laser lights offer ultimate control. They come in a wide range of color outputs, ensuring a vibrant and diverse display.
3. Analog Lasers: Striking Visual Effects
Analog lasers are the epitome of creativity, capable of displaying unique patterns and shapes. With the ability to control output power and brightness, a plethora of color shades can be produced using multiple laser sources. This opens up opportunities for graphics projections, fixed installations, and multimedia projects that truly impress.
Shop Laser Lights at NewFeelLaser:
At NewFeelLaser, we specialize in the NF660 Professional laser lights and F8/9 Club range of performance lasers. These lasers offer stunning 3-dimensional color separation and DMX compatibility, providing ultimate control. For top-tier performance, we offer selected F3600 laser lights with 40K graphics scanners, massive output power, and intense accuracy—perfect for club installers or professional venues.
Whether you're running a nightclub or rocking the stage as a professional mobile DJ, NewFeelLaser's powerful lasers are a must-have to achieve the spectacular results you desire. Our devices surpass the competition with superior power and unrivaled control, ensuring unforgettable experiences for your audience.
Today, laser stage lighting has become ubiquitous throughout the entertainment industry, extensively utilized in music festivals to illuminate bands and create mesmerizing laser displays above the audience, thereby enhancing the overall immersive experience and evoking emotions during theatrical performances. For large gatherings with expansive stages or distant audiences, laser stage lighting is the ideal choice, as it remains visible even from afar. Those who have witnessed laser lights at outdoor events can attest to the awe-inspiring spectacle they create.
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