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KTV Night Club Bar|Stage Lighting Effect

by Newfeel Lighting on Nov 26, 2022

Table of Contents
  • DMX 512 Stage Effect for Party
  • Moving Head Light Stage Laser Beam Lights
  • Laser rgb moving head light
  • A moving head device with powerful wide-beam laser.
Led Strobe Laser Moving Head Light Stage Laser Beam Lights.
Lighting designers, production and rental companies will love this new laser moving head light: it offers different laser power-from 1.7W RGB to 14W RGB-and does not require any laser operator or laser company: just as usual Just run Newfeel Mobile!
The extreme torque of FY-04 and the resulting high speed of up to 180rpm make this device the perfect device to achieve spectacular performances and effects.
The ILDA control signal can be used for laser control, and the VELOX moving yoke itself is controlled by the standard DMX512 protocol. It is also possible to perform DMX operation only.
For safety reasons and to correctly hit the beam target, the absolute positioning accuracy of the FY-04 laser moving head is 0.022° per axis.
Laser rgb moving head light
The laser rgb moving head light has a very pleasing visual effect on the dance floor; its reflected beam breaks the stage with different colors and actions. Over the years, this equipment has become part of the lighting and performance systems of different venues. I believe that the laser will never be absent.
To get the ideal disco laser, you must consider: the number of cannons or colored dots, the intensity of the laser (this is very important, using a very powerful laser in a small space may cause trouble for your visitors).
Found in many music venues, concerts and nightclub
color lasers can usually produce hundreds of patterns, flashing and rotating on walls, ceilings, floors, etc. Lasers come in many colors, most of which can be planned through lighting consoles and software to change the beat of the music, bounce in the room, and even project images and text on the wall. There is a very important safety reason to be aware of. Due to the focused energy characteristics of lasers, they may be harmful to the human eye. Therefore, the United States has regulations that when lasers are used in performance venues, there must always be a licensed laser safety officer in the venue. They specify where the laser can and cannot be used.
A moving head device with powerful wide-beam laser.
FY-04 is a powerful and compact moving head device with lightning-like 540° pan and 270° tilt, providing spectacular visual effects. It is equipped with a 50mW, 3R class wide beam laser and a 30KPPS galvanometer scanner, which can make smooth shapes, animations and more amazing effects. This super bright, dynamic light has many good things, such as 133 geometric figures, 14 animations, 76 beam patterns, and it can even perform two-in-one frame projection in DMX mode, where any two separate shapes or The pattern can be individually positioned, rotated, scaled and so on. It can be in standalone mode, automatic beam, automatic animation, sound activity mode, or through DMX, you can fully control pan/tilt, zoom in/out, rotation, drawing, scrolling, speed and animation selection. Want to really put things aside in the next show? Set up two or more Laser FY-04 lamps in master-slave mode, use reverse pan and tilt, add some fog, and be ready to witness some serious long-term fat beam liquid sky effects. Brightness also has a super easy-to-use 4-button LCD control panel, IEC power comment connection, 3-pin DMX input/output connection, mounting bracket, and weighs less than 7 pounds. Now use this dynamic device to take your light show to a new level.
FY-04 is a powerful and compact moving head device with lightning-like 540° pan and 270° tilt. This beauty instrument is equipped with 50mW, CLASS 3R wide-beam laser and 15KPPS galvanometer scanner, which can make amazing effects such as smooth shapes and animations. It is very bright and has many good things, such as 133 geometric figures, 14 animations and 76 beam patterns.
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