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Guangzhou International Professional Lighting and Audio Exhibition-New Feeling Stage Lighting

by Newfeel Lighting on Nov 26, 2022

Table of Contents
  • professional lighting and audio industry event
  • New normal of the post-epidemic era
  • Highlights of the exhibition
  • PLS Unicorn (Beast) Show
  • Light and Shadow Art Space
professional lighting and audio industry event
The grand national-scale professional lighting and audio industry event is in full swing!
As the most representative and influential exhibition, the 2021 Guangzhou International Professional Lighting and Audio Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Guangzhou Exhibition") will be held in Area A and B of the China Import and Export Fair from May 16th to 19th. Grand antiques.
There are 15 theme exhibition halls in this exhibition, spanning the A and B areas of the China Import and Export Fair Complex, the largest scale ever. In addition to the increase in the number of exhibition halls, a more optimized exhibition hall layout provides a solid foundation for the long-term development of Guangzhou Exhibition. Among them, Halls 9.2, 10.2, 11.2, and 13.2 of the exhibition hall B gathered together exhibitors of professional lighting and stage equipment.
Our Newfeellight is that the stage lighting is at 11.2D36, Zone B of the exhibition hall. For this exhibition, we mainly have two sets of lighting show themes.
New normal of the post-epidemic era
we will create a more exciting stage and open a new chapter for many companies that have accumulated energy for a long time.
This exhibition will take as the story line the construction process of the first completely private railway-Xinning Railway, which is a vivid scene of the continuous development of Taishan and even China.
Although the Xinning Railway no longer exists, the roar of railways, trains, ferries, railways, power plants and other machines, like a line of poetry, echoes in people's minds.
This event uses narrative space, lighting, video, sound and other technological and artistic means to present its history three-dimensionally in the form of immersive exhibitions, allowing the audience to feel, show, learn and inherit from it.
Through this exhibition, the Guangzhou Exhibition hopes to inspire the professional entertainment audio-visual industry to explore more possibilities for product and technology applications beyond the existing application scenarios.
Our Newfeel laser light is definitely a very popular product. Cooperating with other lighting products will bring a leap in texture and technology to the lighting effect, so we will also set up a close cooperative relationship with our industry, so if you find us, It means that you have found a whole product line of stage lighting. We can give you one-stop professional services.
You can save time and cost, because we have 13 years of experience in the stage lighting industry. We know a lot of excellent stage lighting practitioners. From software development and design to customized manufacturers, we all know professionals.
The three bosses of our factory are very down-to-earth and humble, so we have a new sense of credibility In the industry, it has also been unanimously recognized. Sometimes partnerships also need to be based on character, which is more reassuring and can have more continuous coöperation. What do you think?
Highlights of the exhibition
Hall 12.2 and 13.2 Immersive experience area.The origin of thinking with creativity "exploring time".Take you in reviewing history, feeling the present and exploring the future.Accumulate energy for "Technology Empowerment Entertainment"
The Guangzhou Exhibition hopes to condense the joint power of culture and technology, actively promote the optimization and upgrading of professional sound and light, and audio-visual industries, and unleash a strong technological innovation through cross-border cooperation in entertainment, cultural tourism, commercial architecture, education and other fields.
Potential and cultural and creative inspiration, to create momentum for the continuous development of the industry. It is jointly created by the Guangdong Academy of Stage Art and Guangdong Vocational College of Dance and Drama. Taking the construction history of my country's first completely private railway, Xinning Railway, as the story line, combining narrative space, lighting, video, sound and other technological and artistic means, this history is presented three-dimensionally through immersive exhibitions.
PLS Unicorn (Beast) Show
In the exhibition hall of Hall 12.2 on the second floor of Zone B of the exhibition hall
With an area of more than 1,000 square meters, it is the first large-scale indoor stage demonstration held at the Guangzhou Exhibition. The cool black technology will surely make you feel the extraordinary stage charm. The event will show how to integrate brilliant visual effects, excellent sound quality and cutting-edge stage technology in a given architectural space, allowing the audience to appreciate artistic creation and technology The perfect combination.
This exhibition takes water as the theme and spring, summer, autumn and winter as the timeline, showing the different forms and changes of "water" in the four seasons, and appreciating the true existence of life. The DJ and singer performances every afternoon will surely make you feel more shocking stage effects.
The organizer also carefully arranged a backstage tour for the audience-all the connected devices in the backstage and console area will be open to visit, allowing the audience to understand the behind-the-scenes operation of the stage from every detail.
Light and Shadow Art Space
In the exhibition hall of Hall 12.2 on the second floor of Zone B of the exhibition hall
Together with the well-known media image knights in the industry, we will create a multimedia interactive experience area of nearly 400 square meters. Through the combination of interactive media technology and content creation, the audience can imagine the infinite possibilities of the future integration of technology and art between light and shadow.
In addition to the above three large-scale experience activities, the conference will continue to work with multiple heavyweight industry associations in the industry to prepare a series of forward-looking concurrent activities for the audience.
At the exhibition site, the conference arranges a 17-minute stage performance every hour. The latest lighting and laser equipment are used in conjunction with mechanical movements and LED screens to show the different forms and changes of water in the four seasons. I hope the audience can appreciate life from it. Real presence.
In the nearly 400 square meters of light and shadow art space, new media art works, new technologies, and new products are waiting for you to unlock one by one.
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