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Customers Find Our Factory Address While We Testing the City Landmark Laser

by Newfeel Lighting on Nov 25, 2022

Table of Contents
  • When we make the landmark laser show
  • YAG crystal rod to generate a laser beam
  • The application of laser landmarks
When we make the landmark laser show
There have no lights could be go that far than lasers, when we make the landmark laser show, the light beam could be seen a few kilometers away! And there did have a customers from Saudi Arabia happen to nearby and saw the laser beam, he is sure to interested in the laser light, so he just found us by looking for where the light comes from. Then we have a good talk about laser, show many other laser lights (such as club laser light, large-scale laser show, party mini laser light, green laser, laser beam bar etc.) to him from midnight to the early morning. It’s really exhausted, but it’s worth that the customers are satisfied about our laser lights a lot, and also pick up some samples for each model for testing their market, we have good faith about our products and quality. Big order will come soon.
Laser light has the advantages of bright colors, high brightness, good directivity, long range, and easy control. Used in buildings, parks, squares, theaters, etc., the non-divergence of the laser beam can attract people's eyes as far as a few kilometers, because the point of laser emission has also become the focus of attention.
YAG crystal rod to generate a laser beam
The basic principle is to use a YAG solid-state laser, use a krypton lamp and a ND: YAG crystal rod to generate a laser beam, and convert the frequency to form a visible laser. The computer-controlled galvanometer is deflected at high speed to form beautiful text or graphics. The control software includes Germany's Fire Phoenix software and the US pangolin software.
Placing the laser light on a high-rise building or a mountaintop scenic area, etc., the light beam is distant, and a bright laser beam appears in the air.
Laser landmarks are optical signs in urban landscapes. They are high-power laser beams scanned under the control of a computer to change into dynamic lines, areas, rotating bodies and intentionally edited graphics and text. It is the finishing touch of the city's iconic buildings and famous scenic spots. Known as "business cards" for cities and scenic spots.
The application of laser landmarks
The application of laser landmarks in water fountains, mountains, architectural landmarks and other environments can increase the visibility of water scenic spots, highlight the geographical location of the scenic spots, and serve as a "signpost" for visitors and audiences. On the other hand, as an integral part of the environmental art project, it can also participate in the performance of many elements such as sound, light, hydropower and other aspects of the scenic area, and use the characteristics of lasers to create more beautiful and spectacular scenery. At the same time, the application of laser as a high-tech element will also greatly enhance the modern taste and technological content of the scenic spot, add light to the project, and create momentum for the scenic spot.
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