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What are the world famous Laser Domes ?

by Newfeel Lighting on Jun 16, 2023

Table of Contents
  • Laser Domes
  • Seattle Laser Show
  • Laser Dome Fun Facts
"Laser Dome" refers to a laser-based surround screen projection system used to display various visual effects, beams and patterns within a large domed building. There are many Laser Domes around the world, the following are some of the well-known Laser Domes:
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Laser Domes
1. Frankfurt Laser Dome - located in Frankfurt, Germany, has a large dome projection system that showcases a variety of visuals and astronomy demonstrations.
2. Science Museum Laser Dome (Science Museum Laser Dome) - Located in the Science Museum in London, England, this dome features a laser projection system for displaying various scientific and artistic content.
3. Laser Dome at Royal Ontario Museum - Located at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada, this dome features a laser projection system for visual presentations on a variety of topics.
4. Laser Dome at Royal Museum Edinburgh - Located at the Royal Museum in Edinburgh, Scotland, this dome houses a laser dome that displays a variety of scientific, historical and artistic content.
5. The Laser Show held in Seattle (Seattle Laser Show)
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Seattle Laser Show
Seattle Laser Show is a Laser Dome I want to introduce the most. The laser show in Seattle is a performance that uses laser technology to project laser beams onto a screen or into the atmosphere, producing gorgeous light and shadow effects. This form of performance usually combines music, special lighting effects and visual effects to create a stunning visual feast.
As the main city of Washington state, Seattle hosts many entertainment events and cultural festivals, including laser show. These shows may take place in public places of the city, indoor theaters, museums or event venues. Laser shows are often used to celebrate special occasions such as New Year's countdown, Independence Day, music festivals, etc., and can also be part of a city's tourist attractions.
In the Seattle Laser Show, people can enjoy a variety of laser effects, such as laser patterns, beams passing through space, colorful light and shadow and dynamic images. These performances are often equipped with high-quality sound systems, so that the audience can get excellent visual and auditory enjoyment.
Laser Dome Fun Facts
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1.One of the largest purpose-built (and longest running!) laser domes in the world - the largest and only in the region
2.Live Laser Artists – Our laser artists adjust the show based on the crowd's reaction, like a DJ in a club.
3.The best seats in the house don't involve seats. Lying on the ground is the best place to watch and listen to the show!
4.Our laser domes have an overall diameter of 76 feet
5.Our laser dome sound system is capable of producing 15,000 digital watts
6.Vivid laser images are presented by an advanced projector system and fog machine!
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Seattle Laser Show is a well-known laser show, presenting an amazing visual feast for the audience. The following is a detailed introduction about this laser show:
The Seattle Laser Show began in 1990 with a group of laser artists and technologists. Since its inception, the laser show has become one of the most influential art events in the Pacific Northwest. Every year, thousands of spectators gather at the venue of Seattle Laser Show to appreciate the miracle of laser and the charm of art.
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The Seattle Laser Show uses high-quality professional laser equipment to create incredible effects. They use advanced laser projection technology, using multiple laser lights and control systems to achieve precise beam manipulation and performance effects with music. These professional instruments feature powerful beam output, rich color options and diverse laser patterns to ensure that audiences can enjoy the most stunning visual performances.
Seattle Laser Show is held every year in summer, generally from May to September. The performance time is usually arranged in the evening or night to make full use of the dark environment at night and make the laser beam more obvious and eye-catching. This laser show attracts audiences of all ages, from the young to the old, and everyone can enjoy the visual feast. Both local residents and tourists will be captivated by this unforgettable laser show.
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When choosing the right laser lights for the Seattle Laser Show, organizers usually consider the following factors: beam output power, choice of color and pattern, flexibility and reliability of the control system, etc. They may choose to use a higher power laser Light for better effect in large venues to ensure that the audience can enjoy clear and bright beams and exquisite laser patterns. Newfeel Laser Lights A3 series is very suitable for Laser Domes laser show, waterproof chassis design, very high cost performance, if you If you are an engineering company or a distributor, please contact We have the most professional technical support and a highly cooperative development team to meet all your needs to the greatest extent possible.
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