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Expert Guidance for Suggesting Laser Lighting Systems in Entertainment Settings

by Newfeel Lighting on Oct 17, 2023

Table of Contents
  • Nightlife Venues - Understanding the Demographic
  • Art Galleries & Public Exhibits - Unleash Creativity
  • Working Directly with Artists
  • Effective Communication of Laser Capabilities
Nightlife Venues - Understanding the Demographic
Recommendation for Larger Nightlife Venues
Larger nightlife venues, distinct from traditional sports bars, present excellent opportunities for suggesting NEWFEEL equipment, particularly if they function as performance spaces in the nightlife sector. Our installation team seamlessly integrates laser light projector into variously sized local hotspots. It's important to note that the prime opportunity for introducing a professional laser system is when the venue is undergoing renovation or in the initial construction phase.
Elevating the Experience with Lasers
While wash lights and moving heads contribute to a vibrant atmosphere, these venues often seek to elevate the experience as the night progresses. This is where a laser system comes into play. You can propose a laser system during the initial design phase, or it can serve as a valuable follow-up a few months later once the venue has settled in and generated revenue. This timing allows them to adapt to the programming routine, reducing the monotony of using the same lighting scenes night after night.
Attracting Top Artists
Furthermore, integrating lasers into their shows can attract a higher tier of performing artists. Depending on the promoters they wish to collaborate with, this can be a crucial factor in the venue's expansion and growth plans.
Valuable Tip for Nightlife Clients
For clients in the nightlife industry, it's wise to inquire about venues that inspire them and conduct research to determine if those venues use lasers. This ensures that your client can match or exceed the quality of their competition, a particularly compelling proposition when lasers are part of the equation.
Art Galleries & Public Exhibits - Unleash Creativity
Beyond Nightlife: Laser's Artistic Utility
Lasers extend beyond nightlife and live music events; they offer a practical and creative dimension.
Laser as a Symbolic Artistic Tool
Laser technology allows for the creation of a laser wall, liquid sky, or scanning beams that can represent specific ideas conveyed by the artist. These ideas can range from the literal, such as mimicking a device used by a James Bond villain, to the symbolic, such as evoking the feeling of entrapment in an otherwise open and emotionally neutral space.
Tailor Your Approach
When working with artists or their assistants, it's essential to convey that the recommended NEWFEEL laser product aligns with the project's aesthetics. For a single color requirement, consider the Aurora Emerald for the classic green look. For a more colorful display, the F1011 single green is a suitable choice.
Thorough Assessment for Success
Conduct thorough discovery and inquire about potential challenges like ambient light or throw distance. Ensure that the suggested laser system, can overcome environmental obstacles. Engage with the set designer, as their endorsement of a more powerful system can be influential, and they'll appreciate your assistance in avoiding on-set issues.
Working Directly with Artists
When working directly with artists, focus on understanding their creative vision from the start. Transition from artistic alignment to outlining practical parameters provided by the suggested NEWFEEL laser product.
Emphasize Safety
Discuss whether the artist's vision complies with laser safety protocols. This conversation may lead to a product upgrade with precise zoning or signal control, or a compromise in fixture positioning or projection area. It's a proactive step that benefits everyone involved.
Streamlining the Process
If you encounter difficulties related to safety compliance and the artist is unwilling to adapt, consider this an opportunity to save time and effort by withdrawing from the project.
Effective Communication of Laser Capabilities
When dealing with clients, it's crucial to provide a clear and comprehensive description of a laser light projector's capabilities and, if necessary, its limitations. This approach ensures that clients are well-informed and can make informed decisions regarding their purchase.
Setting Realistic Expectations
By transparently outlining a laser light projector's parameters and explaining how it may not align with their specific requirements, clients are faced with a choice. They can either adjust their expectations to align with the laser light projector's capabilities or consider upgrading to a higher-tier laser light projector that meets both their functional and safety needs.
Valuing Your Time
Remember that your time is valuable. Wasting time on misaligned client expectations or attempting to resolve issues that arise due to misunderstandings can be costly in terms of missed opportunities and resources. It's essential to avoid putting yourself in such situations by proactively addressing client expectations through effective communication.
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