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Complete Buying Guide for LED Panel Lights

by Newfeel Lighting on Oct 12, 2023

Table of Contents
  • What are LED Panel Lights?
  • Various Uses of Fluorescent Lights in Commercial Buildings
  • How to Choose the Right LED Panel Lights?
  • What Is the Cost of LED Panel Lights?
Lighting plays a crucial role in any building, yet it is often an overlooked element. Whether it's an office space for employees or a shopping center for consumers, the right stage lights can make people inside the building feel more comfortable. The right technology can also help businesses stand out and be more eye-catching to passing consumers.
There are various lighting options available for commercial buildings. LED panel lights are an excellent choice, especially due to their diversity of options and customizable structures. In this guide, we will discuss how to select stage lights for your business and consider other essential factors related to these lighting solutions.
What are LED Panel Lights?
Traditional lighting systems in commercial buildings often rely on fluorescent lights. These lights are typically installed on ceilings but also have other applications, such as illuminating signage outside buildings. However, this type of lighting equipment comes with limitations and can increase a company's electricity expenses, especially in cases where this lighting solution covers a large area.
LED panel lights are outstanding alternatives to older fluorescent light fixtures. These devices use LED lights, also known as light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The production of these LED dj lighting incorporates the latest technology, making the lighting system both brighter and more energy-efficient.
Most LED panel lights come equipped with aluminum frames. Choosing this specific material is due to its lightweight characteristics, reducing the weight added to ceilings or objects when installing these panel lights.
Another significant benefit is that these lighting solutions are often customizable. Customizable designs allow you to add unique lighting fixtures within the building to complement the shape and size of areas and interior decor. Some types of panel lights are also used for exterior areas of buildings.
Various Uses of Fluorescent Lights in Commercial Buildings
Types of LED Panel Lights
Not all LED dj lighting are the same. Understanding the different types of these devices is essential, as it helps determine which options suit the building's needs. Let's take a closer look at the primary types of LED dj lighting offered by the NewfeelLight brand:
1. Standard LED panel lights with versatile designs. These lights come in various sizes and shapes for selection. They have no protrusions, so they won't appear bulky during installation. The Lumen panel is excellent for product displays, ceilings, and more.
2. A bright and cost-effective, expandable solution that doesn't break the bank. This more affordable lighting solution only has a one-inch setback. Lumen tiles come in various colors, including white, 3000K white, blue, green, and red.
3.An ideal choice for modern interiors. The stylish design of this lighting panel provides edge-to-edge illumination. Since Lumen Sleek is a complete fixture, it's easier to install without extra steps.
How to Choose the Right LED Panel Lights?
When it comes to installing LED dj lighting in buildings, you'll need to consider various factors since they come in different types, shapes, sizes, and colors. By taking these factors into account, you can ensure that the installation meets your needs as well as the requirements of the building, employees, and customers, making it more efficient.
Begin by taking thorough measurements of the area to be illuminated. Understanding the size of the area you need to light up will help determine the required lumen output and the number of panels you might need.
Consider the desired brightness of the lighting. If a dim lighting solution is sufficient, there's no need to install fixtures with high lumen ratings. This would result in increased power usage and potentially add to the overall cost of the setup.
Shape and size also matter. LED panel lights are often installed to complement the aesthetics of the building. Take a close look at the structure, layout, and design of the building and then decide which panels best suit the area.
Note that home lighting and commercial building systems are often different. Therefore, if the installation is for residential buildings, a range of alternative factors should also be considered.
What Is the Cost of LED Panel Lights?
The cost of LED panel lights primarily depends on their specifications. To determine the anticipated cost, you need to have a full understanding of your requirements - how bright the lighting should be, whether you need colored lighting solutions, how many panels you need, and the specific shape you require. These are all factors that will affect the price you will pay.
Usually, there isn't a fixed pricing structure to calculate the cost. Instead, you need to measure the building and provide a detailed overview of your requirements. In addition to the cost of LED panel lights, you will also need to budget for installation fees, as professional help is often required when installing lighting fixtures.
LED panel lights offer a customizable option for adding dj lighting to both interior and exterior areas of buildings. There are different types of these lighting systems available on the market. Be sure to understand the features of each type and consider the advice shared when selecting a panel solution that suits your business.
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