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3D Full Color Effect 3000MW RGB Laser Scanner Lights DJ Party Bar Projector Stage Lighting

by Newfeel Lighting on Nov 26, 2022

Table of Contents
  • RGB laser stage lighting
  • RGB laser stage light explanation
  • Secondary mixed laser color
  • As with any laser show equipment
RGB laser stage lighting
You will find some examples of professional low-energy RGB weak laser projectors in our new cutting-edge F2700 FB4 diode laser show structures. All these RGB laser light projectors can satisfy even the most worried customers, and can deliver satisfactory and reliable overall laser performance to your venues, events and even Christmas lighting.
The more effective RGB light laser is suitable for large indoor venues and possibly smaller outdoor competitions. It is mainly a complete projector based on Atom 12 and Atom 15 laser diodes. For large-scale outdoor activities, we recognize our NF and F2 varieties, which can effectively and surprisingly see the laser at a long projection distance, and can be used by many professional products all over the world.
RGB laser stage light explanation
The so-called "RGB laser light projector"-in the amusement industry, it is a tool that can simultaneously emit purple, inexperienced and blue laser beams in the unmarried beam, and modulate each salvation on the same thyme Depth => So it has the ability to output hundreds of secondary mixed colors, covering the largest part of the mild spectrum seen. If the soft RGB laser colors are mixed in an appropriate ratio, the resulting laser beam is white.
RGB gentle stage laser lights are also commonly referred to as complete redemption laser projection equipment or white gentle lasers.RGB laser light stage lighting: Newfeel F4700 FB4 & Spectrum 20 (large one)
Secondary mixed laser color
The high satisfaction and accuracy of the secondary mixed laser color including white is achieved by using many elements, the most important of which is the temperature balance of the equipment; the size, form and size of the weak beam of purple, inexperienced and blue lasers Divergence; and the overall modulation performance of each laser module inside the laser device. It is also important to apply a satisfactory laser manipulation device (for example via ILDA, DMX or ArtNET) and effectively install all parameters in the laser manipulation software program so that your complete life-saving laser operates in its best condition.
As with any laser show equipment
There are many reasonably priced RGB lasers on the market, few are worthy of respect, and some are incredibly (and unnecessarily) expensive. Nowadays, most of the lasers in low- and medium-energy lasers are re-evaluated as semiconductor laser diodes. There are dozens of different laser diodes on the market that can be used to produce laser modules. The cost of RGB laser light projectors will continue to somehow deny the high satisfaction (but should not be astronomical) of the laser diodes and beam shaping optical additives used in that particular RGB light laser projector.
The commonly used semiconductor laser diodes in the production of RGB laser light projectors have a wavelength of 635-660nm purple rescue, 520nm inexperienced rescue, and 445-460nm blue rescue laser. The output energy of this laser module can be 10W, 20W, 30W, or any wattage you like, currently as high as 100W.637nm diode laser softening module-for high-energy RGB laser soft projector
Most customers will move after using the complete Salvation Laser Show equipment instead of the Unmarried Salvation Laser. RGB laser light projectors are more flexible than unmarried redemption light projectors, and they may be suitable for approximately 95% of all laser show applications.RGB laser light projectors use Newfeel to synthesize various output powers, from low-energy lasers for underground golf equipment and small celebration venues to effective laser performance structures for large-scale events, festivals, and hiking, and long-distance outdoor advertising.
SPECTRUM 30W IP54 mixes uncooked coherent energy with the cutting-edge of natural diode technology, and promotes this through special optical technology, thus creating a lovely excess energy laser projection device. Ideal for large indoor venues and stadiums, large outdoor performances, festivals, travel and permanent installations.
The lamp is guaranteed to output 29,000-30,000mw; it combines Newfeel's natural diode purple and blue modules, and an inexperienced COHERENT OPSL module. This total produces a lovely white balance (red: 8W/637nm + green: 10W/532nm OPSL + blue: 11W/445+460nm). In addition, the natural diode modules used are covered with the help of LASORB to obtain brighter additional colors and longer service life. It is also equipped with a Cambridge 6215 optical scanning device, which can achieve a very fast experiment speed of 30K @ 8° optics. The X axis and Y axis each have a maximum experimental viewing angle of 80°, which can produce lovely text backgrounds.
The device also has built-in Pangolin FB4-MAX, which can be fully operated by community connection (cat5/cat6) or using ArtNet and DMX.The laser light also includes a free sturdy plastic flight case, ILDA cable, emergency stop system, interlock, key switch and mechanical shutter. It fully complies with all US CDRH/FDA regulations, as well as European and different global regulations. SPECTRUM 30 OPSL has become advanced and can provide customers with preferential prices for laser projection equipment, and at the same time put forward the high satisfaction requirements of Newfeel experts that you can trust. These structures are completely synthesized in Europe, using the simplest and best additives and construction techniques. You can click here to learn how these lasers are manufactured in Newfeel's factory.
The Newfeel natural diode module and OPSL module used inside the SPECTRUM 30 OPSL are custom manufactured and inspected at the Newfeel factory. They have a super beam divergence angle (<1mrad) and beam diameter (6x5.5mm), while producing a pleasant white balance. Through the complete analog modulation, you can generate thousands of different color combinations, as well as easy mobile fades and transitions. With the help of LASORB, the laser diode used inside the Newfeel module is covered, so you can further understand that your laser will no longer be damaged by ESD or energy surges.
This SPECTRUM 30 OPSL device is also equipped with Cambridge 6215 optical scanning device, which can generate lovely text content images and logos, as well as large viewing angle beam results (30K @ 8° optics, each experimental viewing angle is 80° X-axis and Y-axis) . With SPECTRUM 30 OPSL, you can recognize that your device can manage any content material or display you want to play.These structures can be managed through ILDA, SD card, DMX or ArtNet without any problems. Moreover, they are also compatible with DiscoScan and security scanning lenses, with a commercially available optical improvement structure, which is very suitable for places where you want unmarried lasers to cover huge projection places, or where you want to give the target place market scan results security.
The external operation below the laser light can also change the color, size, position, rotation, etc., which is very clean. In addition, these structures will integrate the PASS of pangolins to scan for compliance in the target market in the United States. They also own Pangolin's FB4 hardware, which is used by the entire community to operate your laser display.
All structures are also included under Newfeel's complete manufacturer's guarantee.
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